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If you have invested time and money into creating a handsome landscape and home, don’t you want to protect them? The answer may seem obvious, yet many homeowners risk damage to their property by neglecting basic tree care. They need only contact a professional tree trimming service to thwart tree removal, property damage, and landscape destruction.

In Strasburg, VA, the top local tree care provider is Timber Works Tree Care. Our team furnishes the community with safe, professional, and high-quality tree care services. Along with trimming, we offer tree removal, land clearing, stump grinding, and more. Our certified arborists are happy to share knowledge on the best tree care practices. Plus, we protect our employees and customers with Workers’ comp and liability insurance

Below, we outline how routine trimming services can save you money over time: 

How Tree Pruning Saves Money

Strasburg VA Tree Trimming Professional

Prevents the need for tree removal
While many people do not realize it, regular trimming helps trees flourish. Even healthy, undamaged trees require maintenance to grow suitably. However, pruning is crucial for storm-damaged and/or diseased trees.

Storm or disease damage begins at one point. Whether a limb breaks off or it starts decaying, that wound or infection is localized for a time. Trimming can remove the damaged portion before it affects the tree’s overall condition.

If left alone, damage or infection can spread throughout a tree and kill it. When that happens, the entire tree must be removed before it rots and falls. And since tree removal requires more work than trimming, it’s also more expensive.

Tree Trimming job in Strasburg VA

Prevents damage to structures or belongings
All trees sprout branches over time. But some of those branches create problems: they have weak spots or precarious balance. They grow over structures or into eaves. Some limbs even reach down to cars and scratch their roofs.

Whether it occurs on your property or a neighbor’s, any damage caused by your trees is your responsibility. But trimming troublesome branches prevents these damages. Regular tree inspection, too, allows you to manage branch growth and prevent them from wreaking havoc.

Tree Trimming Service at Strasburg VA Home

Prevents damage to yards
Along with your house and belongings, trees can also mar your landscape. Branches can fall into the yard, and overgrown limbs can prevent sunlight from reaching gardens and grass. Trees can also outcompete other plants for water and nutrients, preventing biodiversity.

Moreover, overgrown trees create hazards for your landscaping work. Low hanging limbs make cutting grass more difficult and may limit space for other plants. Overgrown roots can create problems too—though you should ask our arborists how to deal with those. 

Expert Tree Trimming Service Provider Available in Strasburg, VA

You have worked hard to cultivate a beautiful home and landscape—now make sure you protect it. Reach out to Timber Works Tree Care and ask about our professional tree trimming services. Our team works with homeowners and commercial property owners throughout Strasburg, VA, providing crucial arboreal services. Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or visit our website and fill in your information for a free estimate!

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