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Tree care remains one of the most dangerous industries in the nation. During 2016 alone, arborists reported 153 injuries on the job, 92 of which were fatal. These numbers convey the importance of hiring an insured and licensed tree service, no matter how much work your trees require. Hiring an unlicensed one may yield poor-quality work, damage to your property, and liability for workers’ injuries. 

If you live in or around Nokesville, VA, turn to Timber Works Tree Care for all your arboriculture needs. Our licensed tree services include removal, trimming, stump grinding, land clearing, forestry mulching, and more. We approach every job as an opportunity for a professional relationship, and our hardworking team treats everyone with respect. Ensure that you receive safe and exceptional service by hiring one of the best tree services in Northern Virginia. 

Below, we outline the issues that unlicensed tree services present then list the qualifications of reliable ones: 

Dangers of Unlicensed Tree Service Work

  1. Disregard of standard industry practices
    Tree care companies’ primary services include trimming and pruning. To ensure high-quality work and safety, professional arborists follow standardized guidelines–namely, the ANSI A300 Standards. While adherence to these rules are voluntary, certified businesses recognize them as the industry’s best practices.

    However, unlicensed tree services are less likely to follow such standards. They often use “shortcut” methods–such as tree tipping and topping–to complete their work. Such practices endanger employees, harms trees, and puts properties at risk.  
  2. Responsibility for property damage
    Another key service in tree care is removal, especially of rotting or dangerous trees. And while numerous methods exist for removal, felling endures as the most common. As its name suggests, felling involves cutting a tree until it falls over. This approach presents the danger that a large limb or trunk will land on a structure or vehicle.

    Timber Works and other licensed tree services carry insurance to cover any damages that occur to property or belongings. However, unlicensed services have no compulsion for such coverage. Thus, hiring an unlicensed tree company carries the danger that you must cover damages they cause. 
  3. Liability for workers’ injuries
    Despite the hazards listed above, the greatest danger in hiring an unlicensed service lies in injury liability. Should a worker be injured, their costs for treatment may land on the owner of the property where the service took place. Given the dangers posed by the tree care industry, would you gamble on this outcome?

    Timber Works carries Workers’ Comp to protect our employees and our customers. We strive for safe conditions on all jobs, but we remain prepared for unforeseen circumstances. This way, you can hire us with confidence in our precautions. 

Reliable Tree Service Qualifications

  • Look for credentials and licensure
    In looking for a trustworthy tree service, you should start by locating each one’s credentials and licensing. Responsible companies will display these without obstacles, since they attract your business and attention. Those that avoid this subject or delay the process should sound an alarm for you.  
  • Check the company’s insurance
    Beyond just licensure, check on the service’s insurance. A registered and respectable company should have Workers’ Comp at least–the law requires it. A lack of insurance signals that the company may not be established or respectable.  
  • Ask for referrals
    If you like a particular company, reach out to them and ask for referrals. Company referrals are past customers who can speak to their quality of work and customer service. Again, respectable companies should have referrals on-hand and be willing to share them. Those that don’t should raise a red flag for you. 
  • Get an estimate
    As you look for referrals, ask your prospective tree service for a job estimate. You can investigate what the company charges and see how their prices break down compared to their competitors. Many companies–including Timber Works–offer free consultations and estimates

Licensed Tree Service with Workers’ Comp Now Available in Nokesville, VA

Trust insured services and experienced workers – call Timber Works Tree Care for licensed tree services in Nokesville, VA. Our team approaches each job with a positive attitude and work ethic, and we’ve built a reputation for reliability. Tree care has diverse hazards, so you want to find the safest option available. Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form to receive a free consultation and estimate.

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