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Due to their busy schedule, it is common for homeowners to miss the signs of an afflicted tree that’s in need of removal. However, our certified arborist at Timber Works Tree Care has seen nearly every sign that indicates a sickly tree.

As a highly-experienced tree removal company that has served residents of Northern Virginia for over ten years, we pride ourselves on performing safe tree removals, land clearing, and many other tree care services. After your property undergoes a service from Timber Works, we guarantee that your yard will look better than ever before.

Below are a few signs that indicate your tree may need removal:


Tree decay can be caused by infestations of fungi, mold, or pests. If not immediately discovered and addressed correctly, this decay could pass on to other trees. Oftentimes, this can be taken care of through pruning or other treatments, you may want to remove the decaying tree altogether, just to be safe.

Specific signs of decay include dead leaves hanging on to branches during the winter, branches that are bare on one side, the trunk appearing to lean to one side, smooth areas of the tree without bark, and other numerous irregular deformities.


Leaves with many holes or significant damage to the bark can imply that pests have invaded your tree. Sometimes, these pests are detrimental to their overall health. You will want to consult with a certified arborist to determine whether the insects that have infested your tree are damaging it or harmlessly living in it.

Fewer Leaves

Leaves are the number one indicator of a tree’s health and can determine if your tree has problems with its roots, pests, or other issues. If you’ve noticed that your tree has fewer leaves or bare branches, then it may be diseased or experiencing other problems, which needs to be evaluated sooner rather than later.

Dead Branches

Dead branches can be really hard to look for since they may be mixed in with healthy branches. Dead branches should undergo regular maintenance from season to season, which will help prevent long term damage to your tree.

Storm Damage

During rain and snowstorms, monitor your trees from a safe distance. After the storm subsides, you will want to inspect your trees for missing branches. Some trees are able to survive after losing a lot of their branches.

However, if they lose a lot of their crown, which is the uppermost layer of branches on the tree, they may not recover. Consult with your local tree removal company to see how they can assist you further.

Timber Works Tree Care: Professional Tree Removal Company in Northern VA

Signs that your tree needs to be removed may be difficult to determine. Instead of attempting to do it yourself, call Timber Works Tree Care and get a free consultation. Our certified arborists will evaluate your trees and determine if they need to be chopped down.

As the top tree removal company in the Northern VA region, our expert crew is trained and equipped to handle tree removals, land clearing, and any other tree care services every day of the year. We have worked with several dozen residential and commercial clients, clearing up and protecting their landscapes through our efficient services.

Contact us at (540) 692-9606 for a free consultation and learn more about what we can do for your property.


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