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Timber Works Tree Care is proud to offer our services to our nation’s brave service men and women. Not only do we give 10% off all services for veterans, but each year we hold a “Refer a Veteran” Campaign, an initiative made to give back to a veteran through complimentary tree care services. Before submissions close on November 8th, make sure you think of a friend or family who has served and fill out our form for their chance to win. 

Our team is among the top tree care experts in the Northern Virginia region. We perform safe and efficient services, from tree removal and land clearing, to trail creation and forestry mulching, and much more. When your landscape is in need of an effective tree care service, call our reliable team of professionals at Timber Works. 

Below, we discuss our “Refer A Vet” Campaign further, as well as our related partnerships:   

Timber Works & Our Nation’s Veterans

Timber Works is a strong supporter of our US Military. Many of our employees come from families with extensive military backgrounds, and some of our former employees have also gone on to serve our country in the military.

Much of our company’s values are rooted in strong traditions of service, which is why we seek to give back to those who have served or are currently serving in our nation’s military. 

That’s why we hold our annual “Refer A Veteran” campaign, in which we honor a notable veteran for their sacrifice and commitment to our country. Those eligible to win must fall under one of these requirements: 

  • You are an active US military service member
  • You are a retired US military service member
  • You are the spouse of an active or retired US military service member.  

Those who meet the above criteria are also eligible for our company’s military discounts. 

Last Year’s “Refer A Veteran” Winner

In honor of this year’s campaign, we’d like to mention our previous “Refer A Veteran” winner, Intelligence Specialist Chief Petty Officer (ISC) Peter Buchan, a retired Navy officer. ISC Buchan served our country for over 20 years, in the US, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and Lithuania. He now continues to serve the US as a member of the Department of Homeland Security. 

Though there were many great entries last year, ISC Buchan’s years of continuous service made it clear that he deserved the winning prize – free tree services of up to $2500. Here’s what Mr. Buchan had to say about our services:

“Timber Works, in conjunction with Arborist’s Touch, have a program to donate their services to Veterans in the area. As a disabled VET, I was given this donation of cutting down a few of my trees which were old and have split already a few times. They were fantastic and very professional and helped this old VET out. Timber Works is a wonderful company with great employees and I highly recommend them!!”

We truly appreciate his kind words, and we were happy for the chance to assist  one of the nation’s many great veterans living here in Northern Virginia.

About Our Partner: Saluting Branches

Finally, we’d also like to mention one of our partner initiatives, Saluting Branches, that works hard to honor and show appreciation to our nation’s veterans. 

This initiative was started by Rainbow Treecare and is composed of several tree care and landscaping services from around the US. Together, we provide our services freely for properties reserved for our country’s veterans, including monuments, memorials, and veteran cemeteries across the US. 

It has been a privilege to  participate in this initiative, and we hope to continue volunteering our services to honor our veterans both living and resting. 

Timber Works Tree Care: A Service By And For Our Veterans Across Northern Virginia

Timber Works has a deep appreciation for our nation’s veterans, as some of our own employees have served in the armed forces. Every year, we look forward to this campaign and the chance to provide our dedicated tree care services to a deserving veteran. Moreover, we are always happy to work with service men and women whenever we can, which is why we provide a 10% off military discount for our services in tree removal, forestry mulching, land clearing, and more. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to learn more about our services for residents and veterans across Northern VA, and get a free estimate today!

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