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A low-cost solution for clearing overgrown land, forestry mulching is also an organic way to protect and provide nutrients to trees. Yet mulching during the winter, in particular, is more efficient than at other times of the year. Mulching also improves the health of trees during the cold months. So, seek a professional forestry mulching service in Front Royal, VA, to fulfill your tree care needs.

Timber Works Tree Care offers tree trimming, tree removal, firewood services, stump grinding, and land clearing in addition to forestry mulching. We provide our services to both commercial and residential clients. Timber Works also has liability insurance and Workers’ Comp to ensure that we can cover any property damage or accidents. Find out more about Timber Works at (540)-254-5773.

Below, we outline the benefits of forestry mulching in the winter:

Why Forestry Mulching Is Most Efficient in Cooler Weather

  • Saplings are Easier to Mulch when Dormant

To survive winter’s chill, plants and trees enter dormancy, a state similar to hibernation. Plants become drier and more brittle when dormant because their metabolism and energy usage slow. These factors make saplings easier for mulching machines to process. As a result, forestry mulching is faster and more efficient during winter.

  • Mulching Machines Operate Best in Cool Weather

Northern Virginia’s moderate winter weather suits large machinery perfectly. Hot temperatures cause machines to overheat, after which they need time to cool off. Thus, you should have forestry mulching done during winter.

Mulch Improves the Health of Existing Trees During Winter

  • Mulch Protects Tree Roots

Mulch protects exposed or shallow roots from frostbite. Trees retain high amounts of moisture during dormancy, and their roots can freeze if close to the ground’s surface in frigid temperatures.

Young trees spread most of their roots throughout the top 4 inches of ground soil. Therefore, a 2-3 inch layer of mulch protects tree roots that lie above or just below the ground’s surface.  

  • Mulch Insulates Tree Roots

Mulch insulates tree roots by trapping cold temperatures beneath the ground. Although doing so may not sound beneficial, keeping roots at a consistently cool temperature encourages trees to remain dormant. 

Trees must remain between 32° and 40° Fahrenheit to stay dormant. To help them do so, have them mulched just after the first frost. Warm winter spells can cause trees to leave their dormant state and bud or sprout prematurely. These premature growths then die as a result of ensuing cold temperatures. 

Also, fluctuations in temperature can cause the ground to expand when warm and contract when cold. These shifts in the ground can disturb a tree’s root system. However, mulch helps to mitigate the movement of soil beneath a tree. 

  • Mulch Controls A Tree’s Water Supply

Due to cold temperatures and changes in moisture, tree roots work hard during winter to retain enough nutrients. Nevertheless, winter is an important growing season for tree roots.

Mulch helps roots by retaining and moderating moisture, much like a sponge. As winter precipitation accumulates on the ground, mulch soaks up the excess moisture. Then, it releases that moisture when precipitation decreases. The same process occurs as snow and ice melt throughout and at the end of winter.

Water retained by mulch also accumulates dense nutrition through the mulch’s composition as well as the surrounding soil. This nutrient-dense moisture is essential for encouraging growth as spring approaches. As temperatures increase at the end of winter, the mulch releases nutrients that are stored up.

Timber Works: Professional Forestry Mulching Service in Front Royal, VAForestry Mulching Front Royal VA

For professional forestry mulching services in Front Royal, VA, turn to Timber Works Tree Care. We aim to operate safely and on budget, so we educate ourselves with leading industry knowledge and invest in the best equipment. Our team helps clients identify their tree care needs while offering a multitude of services to meet those needs. Contact us today at (540)-254-5773.

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