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Country-dwellers can enjoy something that most city-folk lack: nature’s calm, undisturbed peace. And how better to do so than a trail through that terrain? If you own wooded land but have no path through it, turn to Timber Works Tree Care for professional forestry mulching

Based in Northern Virginia, Timber Works expertise, work ethic, and superb customer service.

Folks in Nokesville, VA, and the surrounding area come to us for tree removal, stump grinding, and more. We can also cover all of your tree care needs, so contact us for more information. In the meantime, let’s discuss the advantages that our forestry mulching service brings to trail creation: 

How Forestry Mulching Benefits Your Trail Construction

  1. Quickly clears a wide trail: While people and animals can create trails by walking in the woods, they produce narrow paths. Forestry mulching, however, creates a broad space to walk or drive on. Plus, it can do so in one afternoon.
  2. Produces paths that serve as wildfire prevention: The wide paths can also serve as firebreaks, which can slow or stop wildfires. Thus, paths protect your home and the surrounding area.
  3. Eliminates hard-to-reach hindrances: A mulching machine removes more than ground-level vegetation. It also clears low-hanging branches, unearthed roots, and bumps in the terrain.
  4. Allows you to control the finish level: If you hired us to clear a path but still find it uneven, call us back to smooth it out. Machinery can dig into the surface and grind away impediments that individuals would struggle to displace on their own.
  5. Produces environmentally friendly mulch that enriches soil: As mentioned above, a mulching machine produces no debris piles. On the contrary, it makes a fertile mulch that supports the local ecosystem. You can leave it on your trail to prevent erosion.
  6. Adds value to your property: If you decide to sell your property/home one day, well-established trails will boost its value. They allow others to enjoy the natural setting just like you and your family did.
  7. Saves you time and effort: Our machinery works faster and more effectively than people. And given the amount of effort one must put in to clear a path, forestry mulching can save you a great deal of trouble.

How Forestry Mulching Works

Customers turn to us for comprehensive advice and information on all aspects of tree care. Before now, we’ve discussed topics ranging from types of foreign tree pests/diseases to signs that a tree should be removed. But we’ve not yet delved into trail creation through mulching.

So, what does this service involve? First, it requires a forestry mulching machine to clear away the ground-level vegetation. However, since mulching is a land clearing project, we may also use equipment to remove trees and stumps. 

Also, no matter how you use newly-cleared land, you need not worry about clean-up after mulching. The process creates no debris piles, which saves you the trouble of hauling or burning detritus. Furthermore, mulching leaves the soil structure intact so that your ground remains smooth. 

Efficient Forestry Mulching Services Available Now in Nokesville, VA

If you live in a rural setting with a few acres of land (or more), you should enjoy that space to the utmost. Reach out to Timber Works Tree Care and enlist our professional forestry mulching to clear a trail. We provide top-notch tree care services through Nokesville, VA, and Northern Virginia. With professional workers and cutting-edge equipment, we aim for complete customer satisfaction on every project. Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form for a consultation.

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