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The success of every business shares common, necessary components. Some of the bedrocks of a thriving company are: quality service, industry expertise, and customer satisfaction.

Identifying these similarities between businesses, we decided to do some research focused only on tree service companies and investigated what common factors go into building a tree service made to last. 

Tree service businesses have some needs unique to its industry, which is why we wanted to explore what recurring themes were key to success.

As a result our curiosity, we reached out to the experts in the tree service industry and asked for their insights into the top 1 – 3 things that fueled the success of their tree care company. Here’s what we found:

Joseph Messina, Owner
Tarzan Tree Removal, LLC

“Three aspects that made my business successful were: large marketing spend, devoted SEO, and great customer relationships.

Through SEO magic and tons of content, I show up on Google for many search terms in my industry and area. I also have great relationships with my clients who gave me great reviews, along with referrals.”

Carson Royer, Media Director

“ has always believed that the customer comes first, and that anything we can do to make the customer happy is 100% worth it. That philosophy has won us lots of loyal customers and great success over the last 10 years.”

Elena Patrice
Green Touch Hub 

“Green Touch Hub community network is a multimedia platform created for the hands-on individuals, craftsmen and industry innovators who grow, beautify and maintain the greenscape of our amazing planet! It is a business-to-business network. It is our social component and focus on community networking that allows for a valuable and productive user experience.

Jean-Claude Rochat, Owner
Arborist Now

“The professional arborists at Arborist Now evaluate soil conditions, the ambience of the location and other factors so the best trees for the property are selected. We deliver excellent results by carefully listening to our customers; by remaining at the top of our field curve with ongoing training; and keeping up with the latest industry technologies.”

Chad Diller, Account Manager
Landscape Leadership

“I’m an ISA Certified Arborist and worked for almost 20 years now in the industry. The company I worked at before coming to LL was on the LM150 list, at around $13 million.


Invest in your people…all of them. Have a culture of learners and teachers. Your team’s job is to educate customers, prospects and one another. Whether they are in the field, sales, or office, push your team to learn more not just to improve their arboriculture knowledge, but to also learn practical selling and communication skills. It’s everyone’s job to sell, so create an organization that has team members constantly looking for new business opportunities.


It’s important to provide a lot of useful (and enjoyable to read), in-depth (700 words or more) answers to common questions.”

3 Key Components of Successful Tree Service Companies


1) Dedication to Outstanding Customer Service

So the experts all agree: customer satisfaction is the most important key to business success, especially in a service industry like tree care.

You need conscientious associates on your team, and people who are willing to put in the effort to learn, become experts at what they do, and who devote 100% of their energy into their projects every time.


2) Referral Program and a Culture of Sales

With (small business) tree service companies, there isn’t a “sales team,” so it is important to foster a culture where your employees are educated on the services and pricing of your company so that they can constantly be helping to promote and sell your business.

Additionally, a referral program is a great way to turn your happy customers into a motivated sales force.


3) SEO and Content Marketing

Ranked third on the list was advertising, which can be done in a variety of ways: word of mouth, ads online, and SEO-driven answers to common questions. While these more traditional advertising campaigns definitely take a back seat to genuinely pleasing the customer, these are vital to success.

In order to build a tree service made to last, you need to have your customers coming back to give you great reviews, while also pursuing SEO-driven avenues as well.

Creating a company culture of hard work and customer satisfaction takes some effort, but it will ensure that your tree service does more than just exist for a couple of years – it will enable your tree service to succeed, grow, and thrive.

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think are the most key components of a successful tree service company? What elements have helped fuel your tree care company? Share your advice and experience in the comments below!

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