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Bush Hogging

Bush Hogging at Timber Works
Bush Hogging in Virginia

What Is Bush Hogging?

Bush hogging—also called brush hogging—is a land clearing technique wherein a rotary-mower attachment cuts brush down to the desired length. The bush hog attachment hooks up to a tractor or similar vehicle and slices the organic growth it runs across. It’s similar to—but more effective than—a traditional lawnmower.

When Is Bush Hogging Necessary?

Standard lawnmowers can handle small plants and medium-growth grass but cannot cut through thick, overgrown shrubs. So, what do you do with a plot of land overrun by vegetation?

Bush hog land clearing could be the solution. This attachment can take on extensive brush growth, including grass, weeds, shrubs, vines, and even small trees. Moreover, bush hogging offers a non-intrusive technique for removing overgrowth without uprooting plants and disheveling the soil.

Summer is the ideal season for bush hogging, though it can benefit your property year-round. Longer, brighter days give bush hog operators more daylight to clear the land. Additionally, warmer seasons see the most overgrowth, which a bush hog turns into a nutrient-dense mulch byproduct that the remaining trees and shrubs can use.

How Does Bush Hogging Differ from Brush Cutting?

Along with bush hogging, Timber Works offers brush cutting services. Although a land-clearing technique—like bush hogging—brush cutting uses a forestry mulcher rather than a bush hog attachment. Doing so makes brush cutting best suited for wooded areas with branches and small trees on the ground. Bush hogging, meanwhile, works well for fields grown thick with green vegetation.

What Are the Benefits of Bush Hogging?

Bush Hogging in Virginia

While bulldozing and other heavy-duty methods can successfully clear land, they tend to uproot plants and damage the soil. Bush hogging, on the other hand, is a non-invasive technique that leaves topsoil undisturbed while still quickly clearing brush. In other words, bush hogging removes brush yet leaves roots and other underground organic material untouched.

Bush hogging also promotes the growth of remaining plants. The attachment creates a nutrient-rich mulch that your desired vegetation can use for food. Thus, the soil, trees, and shrubs can develop into a better condition than before the bush hogging service!

Schedule Your Next Bush Hogging Service with Timber Works

Residents and commercial businesses in Virginia can take advantage of the professional bush hogging services that Timber Works Tree Care offers. We can take on any bush hogging project thanks to our land and brush clearance expertise. Expect a stretch of land that is clear, attractive, and nutrient-rich. Contact Timber Works for your next bush hogging project and receive a free estimate!

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