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Spring is a time for fresh starts, cleaning out accumulated cobwebs, and rejuvenating one’s landscape. Many homeowners use this season to plant trees and flowers, clean off their porches or decks, and schedule their landscaping service companies for routine maintenance. Additionally, the end of winter—between the last freeze and first thaw—is the ideal time to trim trees, when they are still dormant and less susceptible to diseases then. Yet every tree species’ needs differ, and some may benefit from spring trimming. Contact your local tree service to determine the best time to have your trees trimmed.

Timber Works Tree Care offers tree trimming, stump grinding, and other services to Warrenton, VA, residents who want to freshen their yards this winter and spring. Our professional team of arborists puts clients at the forefront of every project they tackle, treating your yard as if it were theirs. Moreover, employees have Workers’ Compensation and liability insurance protection in case of accidents. To get a free tree trimming estimate, contact us today at (540) 692-9606.

Below, we discuss whether or not to trim your trees in the spring:

How Often Should Trees Be Trimmed?

Trees, like people, require routine maintenance and care to grow, remain healthy, and thrive. Therefore, tree services—including trimming, inspection, and sometimes removal—protect your landscape from tree rot and disease. Timber Works even offers tree trimming subscriptions in 2-prune, 3-prune, and 5-prune packages to help customers save on this routine service!

Have your trees trimmed annually or every few years at least, depending on their variety. Tree pruning benefits the environment, improves trees’ appearance, and boosts your property’s value. As a rule of thumb, mature trees’ trimming should occur every 3-5 years, while young trees’ should take place every 2-3 years.

What Time of Year Is the Best to Trim Trees?

The ideal time to trim most trees comes during their dormant cycle, particularly late winter and early spring before warm temperatures arrive. No firm cut-off date distinguishes trimming and non-trimming seasons; since many deciduous trees have yet to grow their leaves in early spring, it is an excellent time for professional arborists to trim trees.

If spring is approaching and your deciduous trees are in bloom, speak to a professional about tree pruning. They can determine whether or not a trim will harm the tree. Indeed, deciduous trees that flower in early spring—such as dogwoods and redwoods—should be trimmed in late spring or early summer. Those that bloom in late spring should be pruned in winter so the new wood can grow in time for the blossoms. Have evergreens, shade trees, and trees with heavy sap trimmed during winter.

Nevertheless, let professionals handle tree trimming services. Non-specialists are more likely to make mistakes because they often lack the relevant experience and equipment.

Why You Should Not Wait to Have Overgrown Trees Trimmed

Local Tree Service Warrenton VA

Overgrown trees pose a threat to not only your landscape but also your neighbor’s. Neglected trees can harbor dangerous pests, reach out into walkways, cause accidents, and drop heavy branches onto passers-by or your home. Therefore, even if it isn’t the ideal time of year to trim a tree species, a professional will probably suggest you still do so for safety’s sake.

Moreover, tree trimming can avert the need for tree removal. In this effort, a local tree service company will help you with pruning if you missed the ideal window for tree trimming.

Your Local Tree Service Providers in Warrenton, VA

If you miss out on tree trimming this winter, you need not wait until the next. Timber Works Tree Care is a local tree service specializing in tree trimming, tree removal, and more for  Warrenton, VA, residents. Our employees are devoted to delivering high-end tree services to home- and business owners. You can trust us to maintain the health and safety of your trees year-round. To receive a free estimate on your tree trimming, contact us at (540) 254-5773 today.

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