Nominations for Timber Works’ 2022 “Refer a Vet” Campaign are Now Open!

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An integral part of Timber Works Tree Care’s customer service ethos is respect for our nation’s brave servicemen and women. Indeed, we offer 10% off all services for veterans for this reason. We also host an annual “Refer a Veteran” Campaign, an initiative designed to further support veterans through complimentary tree services. Nominate a friend […]

Invasive Plants Prevention Tips

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From cleaning off your clothes and pets of any seeds or pollen after a hike to being highly selective of where you get your plants and firewood from, there are many ways to prevent the devastating effects of invasive plants. One of the most effective ways to get rid of them is through professional forestry […]

Is Forestry Mulching Good for the Environment?

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Forestry mulching is a way of clearing excess underbrush from your land while also benefiting that landscape in numerous ways. Moreover, this simple process can clear out a large area of your landscape in a short period. Nevertheless, to ensure you get the best results, hire a team of expert forestry mulching professionals who have […]

July Tip of The Month: As we enter Summer and trees should be lush with green leaves and growing strongly, watch out for pre-fall coloring. Leaves turning brown early in July could be a sign of sickness and infection, have your trees checked out early to avoid problems with Storms. Learn More.

June Tip of The Month: This Summer we are seeing a spread of Gypsy Moths and Caterpillars everywhere! Learn More.