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Every tree experiences problems, like disease or overgrowth, throughout their lifetime and pinpointing them sooner can lengthen their lifespan. At Timber Works Tree Care, our experienced arborists specialize in finding signs of tree decay and disease, as we implement the best practices to maintain the health of your property. We offer a variety of affordable tree care services to those throughout the Northern Virginia area.

If your trees appear to be sick or at risk of dying, work together with a professional arborist to ensure these signs are caught before they worsen. Professional arborists have undergone the necessary training and education to determine whether a tree can be helped or needs removal.

Here’s how you can spot tree problems quickly before they get worse: 

Overgrown Trees

overgrown tree roots crack sidewalk

Tree Decay

tree fungus decay


Deadwood tree

Ash Trees

emerald ash borer

Spotted Lantern Fly

local tree service Winchester VA spots spotted lantern fly


Timber Works Tree Care: Get Affordable Tree Care Services in Northern Virginia

While these are just a few of the common signs of infected or dying trees, many additional signs may be difficult to track down without the proper experience. Our team at Timber Works Tree Care is committed to providing you with affordable tree care services that improves your safety and restores your peace of mind.

Our years of experience allow us to understand the true value of healthy trees and proper tree care, and we can help you resolve any tree issues you may be experiencing during this time.

Let us improve the health of your property! Call us at (540) 692-9609 or fill out our form to receive your free quote.

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