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When it comes to clearing your land, it is best to call in the professionals. If you have a major construction project or would like to have your land graded, you may want to understand what the process is like. When you clear the land surrounding your home or property, it can improve the health and appearance of your outdoor area, as well as any type of serious land or property overhaul. Land clearing can effectively turn a property around. However, land clearing is a complex task that you may need to leave for an expert to handle to ensure you are safe. 

For this and many other reasons, you should work with Timber Works Tree Care in Northern Virginia for efficient land clearing services. At Timber Works, we strive to provide you with our proven expertise and friendly service. Our highly trained professionals have positive attitudes, a strong work ethic and are recognized to exceed our clients’ expectations. Below, we have a list of what land clearing services entail and what you can expect from the land clearing process: 

Home Builds & Other Projects

Lot clearing may be the first thing that comes to mind, but the amount of time it takes to complete one depends on the project and service being done. The first step is to access the land and survey it in order to determine what improvements need to take place.

Clearing the land means getting rid of everything on the lot. This may include vegetation, old logs and stumps, large boulders and other rocks on the premises, bushes, shrubs, and other plants. Once the land is cleared, it is time to build on the lot or utilize it however you choose.The property may be properly graded, and if necessary, erosion prevention and drainage control may be installed to help maintain the integrity of the landscape. Wells and septic systems may also be implemented during the construction process. 

Grading Tasks  

Grading tasks include building access roads and connecting site utilities like electricity and water. Professionals may also dig a basement, pour foundation or demolish abandoned buildings that still remain. This process may seem slow because of how much needs to be taken out and removed. 


When it comes to land clearing, there are a lot of things you need to know about and prepare for. Your land clearing company will be able to walk you through the steps but it is still a good idea to do the research yourself so that you know what to anticipate.

Timber Works: Exceptional Land Clearing Services in Northern Virginia

If you’re in need of professional land clearing services, consider Timber Works Tree Care in Northern Virginia. At Timber Works, our experts are highly trained and equipped to handle all your tree care and land clearing needs. We are an all-inclusive tree service company that understands everything tree-related, including tree removal, stump grinding, and much more. We hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism and aim for complete satisfaction among all of our clients. Let us provide land clearing services just for you! Contact us at (540) 692-9606 for a free consultation and estimate.

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