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Free inspections at Timber Works
Free Tree Inspections in Virginia

Why Seek a Tree Inspection?

Although your property’s trees may appear healthy, any of them could suffer an injury, infection, or pest infestation without showing symptoms for a long time. By the time warning signs do appear, the health of your tree(s) may be compromised. Yet a tree care specialist can inspect your trees’ structural integrity and physical health to prevent such scenarios.

An arborist can spot signs of problematic health long before a layperson. Thus, even if you routinely check your trees for injury, hire a professional for inspection at least once a year. Timber Works Tree Care’s free inspections make doing so a painless and convenient service. Plus, should any problems arise, our tree care team can handle them!

Common tree problems that our inspections detect include:

  • Dead or overgrown limbs
  • Cracks and open wounds
  • Deadwood
  • Root rot
  • Fungus and decay

What Standard Tree Inspection Services Involve

Since every property possesses distinct trees and circumstances, every inspection may differ in its steps. Nevertheless, Timber Works has a couple of approaches to inspections. Our standard option involves an arborist conducting a basic survey of all the trees on the property. During their sweep, the professional looks for tree wounds, cavities, or decay. This approach generally works for property owners with large swathes of land and trees.

We can also provide a focused inspection of a given tree (or set of trees) to ascertain its condition. Customers usually request this option when they suspect a problem with a specific tree(s). The arborist will take a close look and may need to do a spikeless climb to complete their work.

Once inspections are completed, the arborist may recommend certain services for affected trees. Speak to them about the condition of inspected trees and your options for care.

The Benefits of Tree Inspections

Protect Trees’ Health

Any home- or business owner who has trees on their property can benefit from tree inspections. Indeed, we recommend scheduling routine service appointments so that your trees receive frequent inspections. Doing so allows tree care experts to spot infections, infestations, and deadwood early in their development, saving affected trees from removal. Thus, inspections can protect your trees’ health and increase their lifespan.

Anticipate and Eliminate Hazards

A dead or dying tree trunk or branch may fall and fall on people, houses, power lines, or other objects nearby. Yet a tree expert can spot wounded or dead tree segments and then address them before they fall. This protection can save property owners money and prevent damage to belongings or structures.

Reduce the Danger of Storm Damage

While a tree may pose no risk during fair weather, it can become dangerous during storms. High winds and blizzard conditions, in particular, can pull on a healthy tree’s limbs and tip it over. Yet a careful arborist can spot potential problems and eliminate them through such services as tree trimming.

Determining the Services Required for a Tree

Tree trimming often helps damaged or infested trees. Arborists even recommend the annual pruning of trees to support their continued growth and health. Nevertheless, this one service cannot solve every tree problem (such as overgrown roots, species-specific diseases, and so on).

That said, a tree inspection entails diagnosing problems and determining solutions. An arborist can determine what your trees call for and how your property can be best served. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, tree inspections personalize services and guidance.

Maintain Your Property’s Serenity

Finally, in protecting your trees’ condition, inspections preserve the outdoor serenity of your property. With a thorough understanding of your trees’ condition, you’ll feel connected and confident in your land’s status.

Call Timber Works today and schedule your free tree inspection!

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