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Horizontal Grinder Rental

Rent a horizontal grinder from Timber Works by the day, and we will send a team member to operate the machine at your work site!
Horizontal grinder rental in Virginia

What Is a Horizontal Grinder?

A horizontal grinder—or horizontal wood chipper—is a heavy-duty machine designed to grind the debris left behind by land clearing: bark, logs, stumps, foliage, and brush. The chips and green waste materials that the grinder produces can be recycled at a processing factory or repurposed as compost for gardeners and landscapers. 

Outfitting a horizontal grinder with a mulch grinder attachment can reduce the size of the wood chips, which you can use as a mulched product for plant beds, trail surfaces, or erosion control materials.

How Does a Horizontal Grinder Work?

At the heart of a horizontal grinder’s function is a cylindrical-shaped wood chipper, which can quickly reduce organic materials—such as logs and brush—into chips. Screens behind the hammermill permit the ground material to pass through when it reaches the proper size. Then, augers or conveyor belts transport the chips to a discharge conveyor belt, which unloads the material into stockpiles.

A horizontal grinder’s weight, horsepower, and size significantly affect its production rates and capabilities. Depending on these factors, efficiency can range from 20 yards to several hundred yards of completed product per hour.

Horizontal grinder rental in Virginia

How Can a Horizontal Grinder Be Used?

Horizontal grinders suit an array of projects, including:

Horizontal grinders are closely related to tub grinders, though differences in design make each practical for specific purposes. Both machines reduce organic components to pulp; however, tub grinders use gravity to feed the material into their rotors, whereas horizontals use feed rollers. Tub grinders tend to process stumps and odd-sized materials better than their counterparts. However, their tendency to “throw” materials limits their use to open rural areas, like forests and fields, or expansive commercial developments.

The horizontal grinder, on the other hand, handles long materials—including trees and branches—better than tub grinders. They have top loading capabilities with an excavator or grapple and an infeed mechanism. Their narrow design also mitigates the risk of ejected material.

Horizontal grinder rental in Virginia

The Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Timber Works offers the cutting-edge Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder to customers. This model affords unrivaled versatility, as its narrow body can navigate small spaces and tight corners. The 3400XT’s narrow size makes it suitable for urban and suburban areas.

The Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog boasts 800 horsepower, or 596 kW if run on electric power. The internal planetary drive feed system uses no chains and sprockets, increasing torque and durability. Additionally, the Morbark Integrated Control Systems automatically adjust feed rates as well as monitor feed-wheel position and pressures to optimize production and engine efficiency.

Best of all, a trained and experienced Timber Works employee comes with your rental. Whether you are clearing land for construction, cleaning your property, or otherwise, our technician will operate the horizontal grinder for you. 

Call Timber Works at (540) 692-9606 and schedule your horizontal grinder rental today!

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