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How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

Jun 30, 2016Tree Care Tips



Unfortunately, some trees just have to go. Whether you are looking into tree removal for an old rotting tree that you want to get rid of before it falls onto your house or because you want to clear out space, the same factors need to be considers.

As a tree owner, before you start the process of a tree removal, you will want to have a general understanding of what is included in basic tree removal services. However, for our purposes, we want to assure that you are aware that, due to the quality and size of your tree, and the thoroughness you are looking for at the completion of the project, the prices will vary.


What is included in basic tree removal services?

Before you choose a tree removal service there are questions you should ask. Tree removal is, oftentimes, a multi-step task. Tree removal services should be able to give you a quote with a list of everything they include in it. As a tree owner it is wise to know the price estimates you’ll be paying for the different steps in the process of tree removal.

Here are some questions you will want to consider asking when choosing a tree removal service:

  • Will they simply cut the tree down and leave it lying where it fell?
  • Will they cut the trunk into smaller, more manageable sections?
  • Will they carry the tree away for you in a truck?
  • Will they remove your stump?


Considering other costs on a tree removal project

How big is your tree? The size of your tree will effect the cost of removing it. Taller trees or trees with larger thicker trunks will require more effort to cut down, meaning extra work for the service, which leads to tree removal higher costs.

Where is your tree located? Location makes a difference. If your tree is near a power line, in a confined area, or near a house or building the tree removal service may have to bring in special equipment, also leading to higher costs.

How Much Does Location Impact Tree Removal Cost

Do you want a clean finish? Getting the stump of your tree ground, getting the wood split or the trunk removed from your yard are all things that save you a hassle and leave the area where your tree once stood looking fresh and clean. However, these are all conveniences, conveniences that will higher the cost of your tree removal.

Cost of Tree Removal

Where do you live? Another thing you’ll want to take into consideration is the location of your house, or the property that the tree is on. If you live in the country or a remount area, services may charge an extra fee for travel expenses. They may also charge for the extra time put into traveling.


What is the average cost of tree removal?

Although the width of your tree and tree type will matter, the main determining factor for the price of your tree removal is the height.

Tree Removal Service Cost

For example, a 30ft tree will have a lower average cost than an 80ft tree.

Here are a few price averages for a basic tree removal, varying, depending on tree size:

  • For a tree 30ft or below: $150-$300
  • For a tree 30-70 feet: $200-$800
  • For a tree 70 feet or taller: $1,000


Keep in mind that these averages are all for basic services. These averages could rise if your tree is in a location that is difficult to work with or if you require any extra services such a s stump grinding or log splitting which can easily add another $50-$200.

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