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Mulch and compost have a reputation for beautifying landscapes and protecting garden beds. Yet they also offer numerous environmental benefits to soil, agriculture, air, water, and the climate. These materials come from recycled, organic compounds, many of which appear on many properties as vegetation and plant overgrowth. To observe World Nature Conservation Day on July 28, we suggest turning unwanted brush into environmentally supportive resources with the help of a forestry mulching service.

Turn to Timber Works Tree Care for on-site mulching in Boyce, VA. We offer arboreal expertise and tree care solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our customers receive high-quality workmanship and communication. Moreover, we practice safety procedures on job sites backed by Workers’ Comp and insurance. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to receive a free project estimate

Below, we outline how mulch and compost help the environment:


Mulch and compost affect soil’s chemical properties, such as pH value and regulation. They can also increase the soil’s aggregate stability, that is, its ability to resist degrading environmental forces like wind and tillage. In a similar vein, they improve soil’s hydraulic conductivity, water-holding capacity, and infiltration rate.

On a biological level, mulch and compost enhance soil’s ability to support life, including enzymes, microorganisms, organic matter, fungi, and bacteria. Moreover, they provide a stable environment for seeds to germinate, grow, and—likewise—hold soil in place.


Forestry Mulching Boyce VA

Mulch and compost promote plant growth and health by providing nutrients in a stable, organic form. Additionally, they moderate soil temperature, water supply, erosion control, and other environmental factors. 

Soil that contains mulch and compost better supports plants’ root systems than soil lacking mulch and compost. These materials also choke weed germination, thus protecting your desired plant growth.

Air & Climate

Compost is a climate-friendly alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It minimizes air pollution when used to cover landfill methane emissions and even reduces particulate dust and greenhouse gas emissions that undermine air quality. 

You can do your part to improve air quality and climate health by “recycling” the dry brush on your property through brush mulching. This process produces moisture-dense mulch from localized plant growth, which can cover and support your property. 


Mulch reduces the effects of rainwater and runoff, which is especially important for protecting tree roots, plants, and grass. Additionally, compost improves water infiltration and storage on the ground. 

Both materials also aid in stormwater management systems as part of green infrastructures. They filter pollutants from stormwater and absorb contaminants, thus protecting the soil beneath. Finally, they minimize irrigation demands by trapping moisture, which nearby plant life can gradually absorb.

Professional Forestry Mulching Available Now in Boyce, VA

Improve your property and the environment with the benefits of forestry mulching. Timber Works Tree Care provides professional forestry mulching services in Boyce, VA. With the help of quality equipment, we exercise environmentally-conscious practices to sculpt your property according to your needs. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to receive a free estimate.

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