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Trees, depending on their variety, should be trimmed every year or every few years. Doing so not only improves their appearance and boosts your property’s value but also keeps them healthy. To ensure your trees look and grow as best as possible, have them trimmed by a quality tree cutting company with years of experience and a strong background in arboreal culture. 

Timber Works Tree Care is among the best tree care companies in Chantilly, VA, thanks to our dedication to the health and growth of trees and forests throughout the state. Our team is composed of well-trained experts who hold certifications in a wide range of tree care services. Our services include tree removal, land clearing, site preparation, and more. If you want to fix up the trees in your landscape, contact the Timber Works team.

Below, we discuss when your trees should be trimmed as well as the benefits of doing so regularly: 

When You Should Trim Your Trees

A tree’s type should determine its pruning schedule. While each variety has particular needs, all trees should receive regular trimming. Our tree trimming rules of thumb incorporate the essential differences among trees:

  • Older trees should be trimmed every 3 to 5 years

  • Younger trees should be trimmed every 2 to 3 years

  • Fruit/broadleaf trees should be trimmed yearly

  • Conifers–evergreen trees–do not require trimming for many years but they can be trimmed for landscaping purposes

In addition to these rules, remember that there is an appropriate time of year to trim trees. For most, this is during the dormant cycle in the late winter and early spring, just before the warm season begins. The exceptions to this guideline include magnolia, crabapple, and redbud trees. 

Springtime offers a perfect trimming opportunity because leaves haven’t grown back yet, which makes trimming a simpler process. Moreover, cutting away excess branch limbs helps trees grow more effectively during spring and summer. 

While amateurs can care for trees to a certain extent, some scenarios call for a tree care expert. For instance, Timber Works specialists can identify trees that need trimming and have the training and equipment to carry that process out.

Reasons to Trim Your Trees

Tree Cutting Chantilly VA

1) Beautifies Tree & Landscape

Of all the advantages to tree trimming, we’ll start with the simplest: doing so makes your landscape look great. 

While Virginia’s natural forestry offers great beauty, a neat and organized landscape is also an enjoyable and attractive scene. Creating this requires that your trees are trimmed, which provides tidy arrangements of branches and limbs. 

When trimmed by a professional tree cutting expert, your trees will gain structure that forms attractive appearances. Your family, your guests, and you will notice how great a difference well-trimmed trees make in a landscape.  

2) Prevents Injury & Property Damage

Furthermore, regular tree trimming helps to prevent long-term damage. 

When left unattended, old and dead branches end up falling off trees. Fallen limbs can cause a lot of damage to a landscape or household if they land on a roof or high-traffic pathway. 

Routine tree trimming prevents such accidents from happening. It removes loose and dead limbs before they can cause any damage. But make sure that you have a tree care professional inspect and cut away these dangerous limbs from your trees.

3) Maintains Tree Health

Finally, trimming improves your trees’ long-term health. One reason for this is that pruning allows the tree to use nutrients where they are needed for growth. Another reason is that trimming can rid a tree of potentially dead or infected limbs.

Pests and diseases tend to infest vulnerable limbs, from which they spread to the rest of the tree. When they recognize symptoms of infestation, a professional will cut away all the affected areas to save the tree from dying.

Timber Works Tree Care: Professional Tree Cutting in Chantilly, VA 

Trimming your trees is a vital component of keeping your landscape and environment healthy. Yet the best way to get a proper tree cutting service is to hire Timber Works Tree Care, a professional tree care service. Our arboreal experts are trained in precise tree trimming to safe tree removal, stump grinding, and even land clearing. If you are interested in hiring a tree service in Chantilly, VA, or Northern Virginia, contact Timber Works Tree Care at (540) 692-9606 and find out how we can help you and your landscape today!

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