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Trees can function as breathtaking additions to almost any property. They make a home appear well-established while providing beauty, shade, and privacy. Indeed, a specific tree species or type may help you to fill out your landscape. Pick an appropriate location and environment, then choose a native or non-native tree that suits your outdoor aesthetic. An experienced tree service can supply arboreal expertise, ensuring you select the best tree for your property.

Timber Works Tree Care is an on-call tree service in Manassas, VA. From managing tree diseases to providing regular trimming, we offer solutions for your trees’ overall health. Moreover, our team is fully insured and covered by Workers’ Comp, while they practice industry-approved safety and efficiency procedures. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to discuss your tree care needs

Below, we outline how to choose the right tree for your property:

Location & Environment

Trees have regional and localized requirements, including sunlight, moisture, and soil composition. So, all your tree purchases must account for regional climate, including such considerations as annual weather and the tree’s location on your property. For example, a tree suited for sunny climates but shaded by your house may suffer from the lack of direct light.

Determine where you want to plant a tree before you decide which variety to purchase. As you choose a location, consider neighboring elements on your property, such as buildings, landscape features, non-porous surfaces, and other trees. Such features influence how much space is available for a mature tree. You can ensure the best fit by measuring the radius around the tree at both ground and canopy levels. 

Furthermore,  testing your soil’s quality can give you a stronger sense of your trees’ environment. Fertile soil provides nutrients and proper water retention to keep your tree healthy. Likewise, choosing a suitable tree variety protects your landscape. Every tree type distinctly affects the surrounding landscape, including the wildlife it attracts, the debris it drops, and so on.


Trees can provide aesthetic advantages to your landscape, but their shape, color, and style should support your property’s design. The most common tree shapes are:

  • Round
  • Conical
  • Weeping
  • Oval
  • Columnar
  • Open
  • Pyramidal 
  • Spreading
  • Irregular

To narrow down your options, decide whether you want a flowering, fruit, or evergreen tree. Flowering trees can provide bright colors and fresh scents. If you are interested in flowering trees, find out what color their blossoms are and when they bloom to ensure they complement the surrounding plants.

Fruit trees can provide a homegrown treat. However, they can also make a mess of your yard. The best fruit tree varieties to grow in Northern Virginia include cherry, apple, fig, and pear trees. 

On the other hand, evergreens offer a low-maintenance alternative. Most evergreen trees are dark green yet take on different shapes, depending on the variety. Evergreen tree specialists recommend the Loblolly Pine, Norway Spruce, and Eastern White Pine.

Native Varieties

Tree Service Manassas VA

Northern Virginia native trees are ideal for most local landscapes, especially undeveloped ones. Native trees provide food and a habitat for native pollinators and wildlife. They grow best in undisturbed soil, which is usually more pervious than soils on developed land. Moreover, native tree varieties are less likely to compete with each other. 

Non-native trees are a good choice for developed landscapes, where someone added or redistributed soil. This “disturbed” soil often maintains atypical pH levels, irregular composition, and external elements. If you are planting in redistributed soil, test it to determine which trees will grow best.


When shopping for a tree, choose a strong and healthy one—such traits are characterized by hardy branches, a sturdy trunk, and a uniform shape. Test a tree’s strength by shaking the trunk and checking for depressions in the surrounding soil. A weakly rooted plant will sink into the ground, and its branches will bend when shaken.

Finally, look for fully developed leaves free of dry patches and a trunk free of wounds. Your best bet for a positive outcome is to purchase from a nursery that offers an after-planting guarantee.

High-Quality Tree Services Available Now in Manassas, VA

Adding new trees to your property can be a long-term investment in its appeal. Therefore, turn to a professional tree service provider to ensure you make the best decision for your property. Timber Works Tree Care maintains vast knowledge about native tree varieties in Manassas, VA, and Northern Virginia. We seek to provide reliable service for residents and businesses in the area. To request information from an affordable and effective tree care service, contact us at (540) 692-9606.

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