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While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought much of our community to a halt, Mother Nature remains as fiercely active as ever. At the beginning of August, Tropical Storm Isais rolled through Northern Virginia with near-hurricane conditions. It flooded roads, knocked out power, and blew down trees and boughs throughout the region. 

If Isais, or another storm, knocked down trees and/or foliage on your property, you should ask yourself a few things before clean-up. How much damage has been done? Can your trees be saved? Do you have the proper equipment to do so? Reach out to Timber Works Tree Care, your local tree removal company in Manasses, VA, so that our certified professionals can help you. 

Here, we discuss how to deal with storm-damaged trees and why you should engage our reliable services: 

Assessing the Damage

When stormy conditions have subsided, you should take stock of its effects on your property. What kind of storm blew through (tropical, winter, nor’easter, etc.)? What damage is visible to the trees on your property? What kinds of trees are damaged? 

Although it may be tempting to start cleaning up immediately, you should assess the trees carefully. Appearances can deceive, and inspection without proper knowledge may lead you to chop down a tree that could have survived. This is why expert insight is necessary.

Professionals at Timber Works know how to appraise tree damage properly. We account for the storm’s conditions, the tree’s surroundings, and the condition of its trunk and boughs before making their decision. 

We have found that, with careful management, even badly-damaged trees survive and return to their former glory. If removal is necessary, our team has the equipment and know-how to do so while protecting the rest of your property.

Cleaning Up Your Property

Inevitably, some trees must be removed. Doing so may prevent a rotten one from falling into your home in the future. Or, having already fallen during a storm, one must be removed from the ground of your property. But no matter what, you should avoid taking on the removal or clean up by yourself. Poor planning or improper equipment may lead to injury and property damage. 

By reaching out to Timber Works, you can avert painful or expensive ordeals. Our experienced teams take all precautions: they note utility cables/lines, wear helmets and protective gear, and train extensively for chainsaw usage. They also carry out their work step-by-step in order to reduce risk (clearing broken branches and debris and then repairing bark or chopping a trunk down).

Our team uses top-notch equipment for the full range of services, including tree removal and land clearing. Additionally, we offer 24-hour emergency removal services. 

Protecting Our Employees and Customers

At Timber Works, employee health and safety is our top priority. So, even though Mother Nature rages on, we continue to adjust our services to the COVID-19 pandemic. A few months ago, we released a statement about the impact of the pandemic on our industry. We still believe that its guidelines offer the best path forward. 

In the meantime, we appreciate the understanding and patience of our customers. We are committed to preserving the health of our community by keeping safety as the priority! We are eagerly looking forward to the day this pandemic passes and believe that our actions will help bring that about sooner. 

Timber Works Tree Care: Trusted Arborists Serving Manassas, VA

Whether you have debris left by a previous storm or worry about the stability of a tree in a future one, look to Timber Works for reliable arborist services. We are the local tree removal company for Manassas and all of Virginia, and our award-winning services illustrate our commitment to supporting our community. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 and schedule a free consultation for your timber needs.

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