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Considered a type of timber grinding equipment and designed as an alternative to tub grinders, horizontal grinder machines have carved a niche for themselves in the timber industry. Indeed, they serve practical functions in land and forestry clearing, worksite preparation, vegetation mulching, and more. But what advantages does a horizontal wood grinder offer? How do they differ from other timber equipment? And how can home- and business owners benefit from using them?

For guidance in these matters and more, turn to Timber Works Tree Care. Our team provides folks in Leesburg, VA, and beyond with numerous tree services, including removal, trimming, stump grinding, forestry mulching, and more. Moreover, Timber Works employees receive Workers’ Comp and liability insurance coverage to protect their well-being and shield our customers from financial liability. Check out our website today to learn more, or call (540) 692-9606 for a free project estimate!

Below, we provide some basic information about horizontal tree grinders and their unique perks:

Horizontal Grinder 101

To non-specialists or those without a relevant background, horizontal grinders may just sound like another piece of complex, confusing equipment. Yet they have a clear-cut function for industry folks: as with all grinder varieties, horizontals are used most often for land clearing services. They process the organic matter from the property for removal or re-use.

The products of grinders’ processing can serve as mulch, boiler fuel, and compost. Alternatively, property owners who need their cleared land debris-free can have service providers cart off the green waste materials to be recycled. These machines’ processing capabilities are determined by their weight, horsepower, and size. Therefore, a small horizontal grinder may process 20 yards’ worth of material in an hour, while a large one may complete several hundred yards of brush and timber in the same time frame.

Horizontal Grinders vs. Tub Grinders

As mentioned above, horizontals are an alternative to tub grinders, the latter devices designed with a tub-shaped aperture fed from above. A wood chipper within quickly reduces the logs and brush, and a conveyor belt discharges the compost into a pile. Horizontals’ design, however, employs a cylindrical chipper fed by a long, narrow infeed rather than gravity.

Their differences in design make each grinder better suited to distinct material shapes. Horizontals process long objects—like tree trunks and branches—well, while tub grinders handle stumps and oddly sized materials best.

The Uses and Benefits of Timber Works’ Horizontal Grinder Rental

While understanding the ins and outs of this equipment can be helpful, it prompts a critical question: how could you use and benefit from Timber Works’ horizontal grinder rental service? The following is a sampling of suggestions:

  • Property mulching
    Again, horizontal grinders can produce mulch from the trees and wood debris they process. The forestry mulching byproduct can apply to numerous ends, such as landscape and erosion control—the nutrient-rich product supports root growth and soil stabilization. This effect, in turn, results in healthier soil and wildlife. The grinding and mulch can also allow property owners to create trails and clear fence lines.

  • Invasive species eradication
    A horizontal grinder can also eliminate invasive species from your property. By definition, invasives harm indigenous plant and animal life, undermining property values and destroying natural beauty. Controlling their spread requires they be pulled from the ground and eradicated. A grinder can reduce invasive species matter, so it no longer poses a threat.

  • Storm clean up
    Heavy wind and precipitation can topple even mighty trees. Although some storm-damaged trees can be saved by quick services, others may be too far gone. Yet you can still reap benefits from the latter case with a horizontal grinder: turn the fallen trunks and limbs into mulch to support other plant life on your property.

  • Straightforward and fast service
    Best of all, Timber Works’ horizontal grinder rental is an efficient and effective service. Our company has a Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog for rental, which we send out with a qualified employee operator. Its narrow body facilitates urban and suburban use in addition to rural environments, making it adaptable and powerful in every environment.

Horizontal Wood Grinder Rentals Available Now in Leesburg, VA!

Horizontal Wood Grinder Leesburg VA

The technical specs and features of horizontal wood grinders may distort the fact that they offer incredible capabilities for supporting landscapes and clearing the property. Leesburg, VA, home- and business owners can leverage those capabilities by reaching out to Timber Works Tree Care for grinder rentals. Learn more about our service options and value by calling (540) 692-9606 or visiting our website today!

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