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Removing dead or rotting trees is wise, yet it only addresses half the problem: a dead stump remains on the property afterward. Although homeowners might feel unmoved to handle it, a stump can create many issues in their yards, including termites, fungi, and tripping hazards. They also risk property damage and present a general eyesore. Therefore, your best course of action after tree removal is stump grinding, a convenient service that comprehensive tree care providers offer.

Warren County, VA, home- and business owners can turn to Timber Works for all such needs. Our tree care experts can provide exceptional services, including tree trimming, land clearing, forestry mulching, emergency removal, and more. Moreover, all our team members receive Workers’ Comp coverage and liability insurance to protect their and customers’ well-being. For a free tree care project estimate, call (540) 692-9606 or visit our website today!

Stump Grinding Benefits and Convenience

Stump grinding is the most affordable, clean, and safe option for stump removal. The stump grinder machine uses a wheel with carbide teeth to reduce stumps and mill trunks and roots into mulch. Stump grinding is much safer than other tree removal options because there is no need for chainsaws or heavy-duty equipment. 

Also, the grinder’s portability makes it suitable for all situations. Most models are about 48” wide, barely larger than a lawnmower, and cause no more than nominal yard damage—by contrast, excavating and digging can tear up a yard. Grinders require only one worker to operate, minimizing labor costs. 

Timing and Equipment

Tree Care Providers Northern VA

The best time for stump grinding services is during or immediately after tree removal. Doing so reduces your project’s costs, as Timber Works can bring the necessary equipment and crew at the same time as removal materials. Indeed, since stump grinding requires one operator only, adding this service to tree removal increases the total price little. Timber Works Tree Care offers a 10% bulk discount for stump grinding paired with tree removal


Finally, stump grinding causes no damage to the dead tree’s surrounding environment. Grinders’ carbide teeth wheels contain no harsh chemicals, and the chipped stump matter provides excellent natural mulch for the surrounding area. Meanwhile, the root matter left underground naturally decays and supplies further fertilizer to the soil. Stump grinding during tree removal not only ensures the unattractive stump is gone from your property but that healthy soil will soon replace it. 

Professional Stump Grinding from Tree Care Providers in Northern Virginia

Tree Care Providers Northern VA

The low equipment and labor costs of stump grinding as well as its positive environmental impacts ensure that adding stump grinding to tree removal service is a net benefit. Turn to Timber Works Tree Care for effective and efficient tree care providers. Moreover, you can ask our arborists about other services to help your landscape—we are confident we can help. Call (540) 692-9606 to learn more about our tree care options today!

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