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Forested land is valuable for its beauty and its benefits to the environment. Nevertheless, if you have sat on a wooded property or recently purchased one, you must have the land surveyed, cleared, and grubbed before you can build a home or structure. Land clearing provides the foundation for your construction project, making a professional land clearing service essential. 

Timber Works Tree Care serves Hume, VA, home- and business owners with expert insights and solutions for tree care, tree removal, and forestry clearing. We operate above industry safety standards, using the most efficient machinery available. Moreover, we have experience with forestry regulations for construction site land clearing. Our team provides concise customer relations to simplify the process for you. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to ask about our best service packages.

Below, we outline the land clearing process and techniques required for construction site preparation:

Land Surveying

Before clearing land for a construction site, you or your builder must pursue a land disturbance permit (LDP). Your county government and the Department of Conservation and Recreation will require this documentation, as it helps them to monitor and prevent erosion among wetlands, watershed areas, roadways, and neighboring properties. 

The permit allows you to clear the land and build a single-family dwelling on your property. Every county has different square-footage stipulations, so it is wise to check your ordinance’s codes. Additionally, the permit process may vary depending on the circumstances. Usually, a representative from the county will survey your property and assess its zoning before approving your project.

Once you obtain the permit, you and your builder should determine the parameters for land clearing. If you are clearing a forested property, consider whether you want to keep a section of trees or individual trees under your construction plans. Also, have your builder mark existing sewer and electrical lines to protect them from harm.

Tag the trees you want to clear before your scheduled land clearing date. Include large- and small-growth trees in your tagging so that your forestry technicians know what to clear. The tags also help them observe the terrain and identify possible obstructions, which allows them to select the most efficient clearing methods.

Land Clearing

Lot clearing services include the removal of trees covering a large swath of land. Such services usually occur on raw or unimproved land yet can be carried out on developed sites. In either case, the goal of land clearing is to remove all trees, brush, and vegetation from the building site. Doing so creates a dirt site that can be graded and excavated according to the building plan.

A combination of land clearing techniques may be used, depending on the size and amount of trees. Sites containing small trees—less than 6 inches in diameter—and thick brambles likely need mulching.

Brush mulching uses a machine to grind shrubbery over large sections of land. Medium- and large-growth trees will require more invasive land clearing methods, including heavier machinery or individual felling techniques.

Land Grubbing

After land clearing, land grubbing removes roots and remaining debris from the site. Grubbing involves a stump grinder to remove large stumps from the ground. Then, workers carry the remaining logs and debris from the site.

Together, land clearing and grubbing provide a “clean slate” for builders to begin construction. They free the soil of obstructions above and below ground, facilitating even redistribution and creating a solid foundation for your building.

Professional Land Clearing Now Available in Hume, VA

Turn to Timber Works Tree Care for reliable land clearing services in Hume, VA. We offer a full range of options, including brush control services, to aid your construction site preparation. Moreover, we use the most ethical practices for the environment, whether our task involves tree care or removal. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to learn how to prepare your forested property for a building project.

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