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Land Clearing for Data Centers

Data Center Land Clearing at Timber Works
Data center land clearing at Timber Works

Although property owners often use land clearing services for rural or pasturelands, they might also employ them to develop land for data centers and other facilities. Such sites are growing increasingly common, and tree care companies are responding to the demand for land preparation by offering relevant services: forestry mulching, tree removal, stump grinding, grubbing, and more

Why Data Centers?

Timber Works data center land clearing

Over the past decade, Northern Virginia has become a popular location for data centers. A significant reason is that connections between the fiber-optic network and Northern Virginia’s data centers are low-latency (meaning data transference occurs with almost no delay). Fiber optic cables are also a secure channel, which makes them valuable to the government.

The fiber-optic network powers the Internet, antivirus protections, VPNs, and similar services. High-speed online services are only possible through the fiber-optic network, and the efficiency of data transference is most effective when placed near the business using it. Moreover, Northern Virginia’s proximity to Washington, DC, and centralization on the East Coast helps the region’s data centers deliver optimal service to users up and down the coast.

Land Clearing’s Importance in Virginia

Data center land clearing at Timber Works

Northern Virginia possesses abundant undeveloped lands, all of which experience few natural disasters. These conditions make our region ideal for data centers: these sprawling structures often occupy multiple acres with storage and cooling facilities, and the software they house is delicate and expensive. However, undeveloped land generally needs clearing before construction, and such large-scale clearing demands experienced professionals.

Timber Works’ professional land-clearing options leverage diverse equipment, which allows our team to deliver a service suited for your property. For instance, forestry mulching works well on small to medium-growth vegetation, including shrubbery and young trees. A single operator drives the machine, and its functioning removes overgrowth without disturbing the soil beneath it. Therefore, forestry mulching is both efficient and non-invasive.

The most efficient and cost-effective land-clearing approach for your property depends on numerous circumstances: the property’s dimensions, plant growth, condition of wildlife, intended purpose, and more. Although forestry mulching is ideal for some tracts, it cannot handle old-growth trees or storm-damaged limbs on the ground; these instances call for a bulldozer, loader, and hauler. They also require crews to prep, cut, and clear detritus. 

Timber Works employees have received training to operate our machinery and clear acres of land at low cost and effort. Plus, thanks to our haul-away and log-removal services, we can leave land free of obstructions and open for the data centers that support the functioning of our government and country.

Timber Works data center land clearing

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