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Land clearing requires a tremendous amount of work. It’s usually one step in large, complex construction projects. Yet such projects require careful work to avoid hindering the construction process. Effective land clearing requires a team of highly experienced contractors. 

That’s why Timber Works Tree Care employs professionals with decades of land clearing experience. The same goes for employees in all our service areas: tree pruning, stump grinding, forestry mulching, and more. They are also trained in horticulture and arboriculture to identify infested or dead trees within clients’ landscapes. Their extensive training and background help them protect the surrounding ecosystem. 

Below, we discuss how to prepare a site for land clearing: 

Land Clearing Marshall VA

  • Check Zoning Laws

Before hiring a land clearing service, check your county’s zoning offices to see what zoning category your property falls under. If construction is taking place after you’ve cleared the land, then you may need to check and apply for the required permits. 

Avoiding these actions can lead to serious consequences later on. However, Timber Works will help with checking on zoning laws and obtaining permits so you don’t have to.

  • Tag Obstructions

You should also mark the specific area where you want clearing to take place. Doing so gives your contractors a clear idea of the area you expect them to work in. You should also tag each and every tree or other surface obstruction you want to get rid of. 

These steps help contractors identify brush and trees that must be cleared. Separately tagging smaller trees from bigger trees will further help land clearers identify where they should work first to optimize the process. 

  • Mulch First, Then Clear The Land

As mentioned before, tagging smaller trees differently from bigger trees often signals your land clearers to remove the smaller trees first. This is because more inefficient land clearing methods involve equipment passing through long tracts of land, only for workers to find that small trees remain, usually bending below the machines to avoid getting cleared away. 

This often obstructs the land clearing process, which is why Timber Works recommends more efficient methods that can help lower your overall land clearing cost: 

  • First, schedule a forestry mulching service to clear brush and small trees. 
  • Then, schedule a more invasive land clearing, which fully removes larger trees and other obstructions. After this, your site should be cleared and ready for construction!

Timber Works: Effective Land Clearing in Marshall, VA

Land Clearing Marshall VA

These are just a few aspects of preparing a land clearing site. A professional tree care service and efficient land clearing can help you every step of the way to ensure the process happens quickly and without any issues. Timber Works Tree Care is among the top tree care services in Marshall, VA, and Northern Virginia. Our team is made up of qualified experts with years of experience and a passion for excellent tree care. Contact us today at (540) 692-9606 to learn more about our quality land clearing and additional tree care services!

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