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It is not an exaggeration to say that local tree removal companies are a better option for homeowners than a larger chain store offering equivalent services.

Local tree removal companies offer better customer service, keep local dollars in your community, and are run by people who know you and genuinely care for the community they also live in. Their decisions are community-based, and they won’t make business decisions which will harm their community.

What A Tree Removal Service Can Do For You

A tree removal service can offer a variety of services, although they may specialize in one or more these areas.

For instance, a tree removal company primarily specializes in tree cutting, and can remove trees that are dangerous, rotten, dead or dying, too close to your house or another building, or that has broken or fallen in a storm. This service can come in handy when trees are in danger of falling on people or structures of any sort.

Tree removal companies may also offer other services as well, including tree trimming, pruning and “topping” trees, tree planting, land clearing, stump grinding, selling firewood, or sawmilling.


Tree Trimming

Sometimes trees do not need to be removed, they just need a few branches trimmed or a dangerous limb cut. Tree services can help with this too!

Pruning Trees

In order to prolong the life of a tree, stimulate fruit production, or to develop a strong root system, dead or dangerous branches can sometimes be removed during the pruning process. Preventative measures, such as cutting off one branch at a v-shaped union, or a full-blown tree crown reduction, can preserve and prolong the life of a tree.

Land Clearing

Clearing a plot of land doesn’t just mean trees. It means stumps, brambles, bushes, ditches, and more! Using saws, stump grinders, bulldozers, and more specialized equipment, a tree service company can turn a piece of forested land into land suitable for use in no time.

Stump Grinding

Removing a tree doesn’t end with cutting it down or hauling it away. Removing the stump and its intricate root system is also necessary in order to make use of the land where your tree used to be. There are several methods to removing a tree stump, all of which are less effort than digging it out.

Selling Firewood

With the amount of trees that tree services come into contact with, it is no surprise that they have access to large amounts of firewood. Oftentimes, they are willing to sell it by the cord! If you have a wood-burning stove, and need a lot of firewood, then tree service companies are great places to look. Some companies will even offer log-splitting services!


Although not as common, some tree services have sawmilling equipment, and offer those services to their customers as well. If you are looking to preserve some high-quality lumber and turn it into boards, then a tree service with sawmilling capabilities is right for you.

Why Go Local?

There are several advantages to choosing local tree removal companies over a more commercial option. As with any local service business option, there are three main reasons going local is better than the alternative:

1) Knowing The Person Serving You

When you know the man or woman on the phone who you called to schedule a tree removal, there is a personal investment on both sides of the transaction. Knowing that their reputation is everything in a small town ensures that local tree removal companies work hard to ensure that they solve your problem.

2) Better, Personalized Customer Service

Customer service is a matter of the people who are hired, not a matter of company policy. In a large, chain organization, it doesn’t matter how good the ideas corporate has, what matters to the customer (and ultimately to their level of satisfaction) is the man on the ground. In a small, local business, the man on the ground is heavily invested in making sure your experience with his company is a great one, resulting in better and personalized customer service.

3) Improving the Local Economy

Local businesses are incentivized to support other local businesses, both for business reasons and personal reasons. Chain stores have managers and suppliers who are not local, and ultimately end up serving their corporate headquarters, not your local area. According to one study, local businesses pour $68 back into their local city out of every $100 spent at their business, compared to only $43 for chain businesses.


In the end, there is more than simply cost that goes into making a business decision. While national chains might be able to undercut local prices, the quality of service, the personalized customer service, and the amount of work and money put back into your shared community by a local tree removal company greatly exceeds any benefits a chain tree removal company could offer.

Have any questions about local tree removal companies? Call Timber Works Tree Care for the answer!

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