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Whether to clear your property or avoid potential infestations, removing several trees at once can be daunting. But an easier route exists: hire a professional and a Northern Virginia insured tree service to handle the work for you. If you request that they clear several trees during one service call, you can save ample time and money.

Looking for fast and reliable tree services in The Plains, VA, or the surrounding area? Reach out to Timber Works Tree Care. Our experts provide tree removal, trimming, firewood, land clearing, stump grinding, and more across the region. Every project is an opportunity to support our community and build lasting relationships. Plus, we protect our employees with Workers’ Comp and liability insurance to make their work safer. We aim for complete customer satisfaction and trust, and we’re ready to work on your trees next.

Below, we discuss some reasons to remove multiple trees at once as well as the benefits of doing so:

Why Would You Need Multiple Trees Removed?

Tree in need of Insured Tree Services in The Plains VA

  1. To open up overgrown property
    Among the options that tree services offer, why should multi-tree removal receive special notice? As it turns out, folks have a variety of reasons for needing this service. First and foremost, some people want trees and undergrowth eliminated from their property. We may do so through land clearing, forestry mulching, or bush hogging.They may ask for a certain patch cleared to build a structure or establish a yard space on that spot. In other cases, they want a trail cleared through the trees and underbrush so they can enjoy the natural space. In the commercial sphere, realtors or developers may clear trees to create lots for construction.
  2. To clear trees affected by storm damage
    Another common motivation for multi-tree removal: removing trees damaged by storms. Whether damage occurs during one big storm or over several smaller ones, it can kill several trees at once. Nevertheless, Timber Works has a process for managing storm-damaged trees. We try to preserve those that can survive and remove the ones that present danger.
  3. To improve soil quality and prevent erosion
    Forestry mulching offers a positive side effect: it produces nutrient-rich biomass that other plants can use to grow. Thus, clearing a few trees may help to support the others on your property. Also, eliminating some large trunks and branches allows air and light to reach other plants and saplings.When plants and trees grow stronger, they prevent erosion and wash out from excessive precipitation. Their roots extend deeper and take a stronger hold of the soil.
  4. Infestation or decay among multiple trees
    Some of the most common problems with trees include decay and pest infestations. Tree decay is just another term for trees that have died (or are dying) but still stand. On the other hand, pests and diseases appear in multiple forms: Emerald Ash Borer beetles, Lantern Flies, and various blights.While early detection can prevent these things from killing trees, they may necessitate a few coming down. Pests and diseases cause significant tree loss in the US, but removing blighted trees from your property may protect the others.

Benefits of Multi-Tree Removal

If you want multiple trees on your property removed, you should aim to do so altogether rather than one by one. No matter what tree removal method we use, we can usually offer a better price per tree if we extract them all at once.

woods in need of insured tree services in The Plains VA

Consider the rationale here: our service crew needs only to mobilize and set up once this way. They can organize the crew members to handle different tasks and boost productivity. Plus, many companies offer a day rate once they have enough work to take 1 or more days. This tends to lower the cost beneath that of bid work.

Nevertheless, even as you try to save money, count on a professionally insured tree removal crew. Trying to handle such a task yourself can result in injury and property damage, both of which are expensive. By investing up front, you can save money and remain safe on the back end.

Get Insured Tree Services in The Plains, VA, Today!

No matter your reason for clearing trees off your property, trust a professional crew to handle the work. Timber Works Tree Care – an insured and bonded tree service that operates in The Plains, VA – can cover all your arboreal needs. We offer experienced, professional care informed by the industry’s best practices and innovations. Call us today at (540) 692-9606 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation.

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