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Although many energy companies claim to follow the ANSI A300 Standards, they still mismanage trees and plants near power lines. Yet trimming trees close to power lines is a hazardous task best left to professionals. Rather than attempt it yourself, turn to the tree company experts at Timber Works Tree Care for such services today.

Timber Works employees are devoted to delivering high-end tree services to folks throughout Bristow, VA. Our team, many of whose members belong to ISA and TCIA, possesses training and certifications that ensure tree care projects go off without a hitch. Moreover, Timber Works covers all employees with Workers’ Comp and liability insurance to protect them and our customers. You can trust our team to maintain your safety and the health of your trees.

Below, we outline circumstances wherein trees threaten power lines and why these scenarios require a certified tree trimming provider:

Trees Near Power Lines

Any tree branches or leaves growing near power lines pose a significant fire hazard. We trim such trees for our customers to protect their personal and property safety as well as that of their neighbors. Trees touching power lines have set off several of California’s worst wildfires. To prevent similar events in Virginia, inform your local tree trimming company about potential dangers right away.

Splitting Branches

Tree Company Near Me Bristow VA

Weak tree branches tend to crack, split, and fall, especially after heavy storms. This tendency presents a particular danger when branches stretch over power lines. Again, turn to tree care providers if you believe a tree on your property has splitting branches. Our tree care solutions and emergency tree services help keep you out of harm’s way.

Pruning without proper knowledge can put trees’ health—as well as power lines’ security—at risk. If you are concerned about the state of your trees near powerlines, let our team know as soon as possible.

Exposed Roots

Over-pruning and other factors may cause trees to lean and, in turn, expose their roots. This uprooting precipitates many trees’ falls during strong winds. In 2019 alone, falling trees killed 51 people in the United States.

If a tree on your property begins uprooting, contact Timber Works ASAP to handle it. Our professional team prioritizes customers’ safety while also delivering proper care for your trees.

Deadwood or Decay

A licensed and insured tree care professional should inspect visible signs of tree decay. Trees often rot from the inside out and become a fall hazard. However, arborists can save some trees from decay through careful pruning.

Our team can evaluate the health of your trees to determine what steps you must take to keep them and your property safe. The sooner you have your trees inspected, the quicker you can treat them. Doing so may also prevent expensive tree removals or property damage.

Seek Our Reputable Tree Company for Services in Bristow, VA

A professional arborist’s services can improve your trees’ health and appearance, along with several other benefits. Timber Works Tree Care—an experienced and certified tree company near Bristow, VA—can identify and remove dead or diseased branches, preserving trees’ nutrients and furthering their growth. Contact Timber Works Tree Care at (540) 692-9606 to receive a free estimate today!

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