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Experienced, Talented Hunting Trail Creation

Hunting Trails

Forestry Mulching is a form of land clearing that can remove brush, trees, stumps, and more.

One great option for forestry mulching is building hunting trails throughout the woods. Often our clients have large parcels of land that they use for hunting. When their woods get covered in brush, branches, and debris it makes it harder for them to use their land for its intended purpose of hunting.

Forestry Mulching Gainesville VA

Forestry Mulching is the perfect option for this. Rather than have someone in there to remove and chip the brush, our mulcher can go through and mulch about an acre a day of trails! This process is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, fast and helps beneficial for the environment.

This process will help with clearing land for deer hunting, making it so you will have more accessible woods to walk through. If you are looking to have trails made throughout your woods, give Timber Works Tree Care a call!

Forestry Mulching is the most cost-effective, low-impact, and fastest way to clear overgrown, unusable land. Our forestry mulcher is 72 inches wide and provides a perfect amount of space for your ideal trail.

When conventional land clearing methods are not an option, due to budget, location, or permitting status, forestry mulching is an excellent alternative since it falls under ‘maintenance’ and not ‘soil distribution.’

Additional Benefits:


  • Mulches an acre a day, depending on the size of the tree, rocks, and steepness of the area.
  • Eliminates trees, brush, and invasives, leaving a flat base of mulch biomass to break down and enhance soil quality.
  • Acts as a control against erosion.

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