We offer comprehensive Land Clearing services that include: tree removal, stump grinding & the removal of thick brambles and forestry.

Trusted & Experienced Land Clearing Service in Virginia

Here at Timber Works Tree Care we understand the value and importance of owning and using property, which is why we offer comprehensive Land Clearing services.

Our package includes the removal of any trees, stumps, and thick brambles or forestry on a plotted piece of land.

Unlike many of the competitors, however, we make sure to take care of your property, which is why we tailor every land clearing plan to your needs and desires. Our crew can clear whole lots, make way for driveways, expand backyards, turn dense woods into your own customizable space, and more.

The Benefits of Clearing Land in Virginia


Overcrowding can kill trees or stunt forest growth


Make the most out of your taxed acreage by thinning out your woods for something useful (e.g. trail, patio, etc) and investing in property maintenance.


Overcrowding can cause trees to rot from the base up; but, it’s from the inside out so you’d never even know


Dead/down branches make your woods unsightly and a place you never want to use

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Our Virginia Land Clearing Crew Is Ready To Help You

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