We provide full range custom and production sawmilling services.

Trusted & Experienced Sawmilling Services

Here at Timber Works Tree Care, we offer full range custom and production Sawmilling services. This means that we can turn almost any unwanted or dying tree or timber piece into something useful or desirable.

Though our Sawmilling process normally happens at our mill site, we are equipped with a fully portable Woodmizer LT 40 super hydraulic sawmill. As long as our pick up truck can get there, then, so can the sawmill.

Our Sawmill crew can


Cut logs up to 21ft + 30in in diameter


Manufacture any size board


Turn unwanted trees into useful lumber


Provide oak boards for fencing e.g. cattle, horses


Transform that dying or old family tree in the backyard into something you can keep

Custom Board Production

Timber Works Tree Care offers extensive custom and production wood services, because we see no reason why quality wood should go to waste.

That is why we offer timber services that include lumber production. We can fashion cheap boards for picket-like fences or cut thick boards for heavy-duty fences.

Our wood service crew can even treat wood to ensure that your boards come out looking beautiful, ready-made for your backyard fence or custom project.

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