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Our trusted, experienced and affordable tree arborists in Aldie can help you cut your trees in Virginia.

Tree Arborists in Aldie

At Timber Works Tree Care, our customer-focused tree arborists in Aldie are dedicated to two things: providing expert service and expert care. We have served the Northern Virginia area for over 35 years and are members of ISA and TCIA who follow the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A300 pruning standard. You can trust our certified tree arborists in Aldie to help keep your property clean and safe on a regular basis.

ANSI A300 Tree Cutting Standards

When it comes to tree cutting/trimming, our certified arborists in Aldie follow the ANSI A300 pruning standards. Tree trimming is not only dangerous but requires proper handling of specific tools, cutting techniques, and pruning methods. Under the ANSI A300 pruning standards, we will not: 

  • Leave branch stubs
  • Only make unnecessary heading cuts
  • Cut off the branch collar 
  • Top or lion’s tail trees 
  • Remove more than 25% of the foliage of a single branch
  • Remove more than 25% of the total tree foliage in a single year
  • Damage other parts of the tree during pruning
  • Use wound paint
  • Prune without a good reason
  • Climb the tree with climbing spikes

ANSI Z133 Safety Standards

Our tree arborists in Aldie adhere to the ANSI Z133 safety standards and undergo frequent training so that you are always provided with the most current and reliable tree services. 

When is the Best Time to Cut Your Trees?

The perfect time to cut your trees is when they are most dormant. And in Virginia, trees enter dormancy during the wintertime. Trees are also best pruned from the beginning of November until the end of March as well. 

If you are experiencing common signs of decay and disease, such as deadwood, then call our tree arborists in Aldie for assistance.

Tree Cutting Benefits

Routine tree cutting is a great way to maintain the health and appearance of your property. Seek the assistance of a certified and experienced tree trimming expert to ensure you and your property’s safety. Here are the benefits of regular tree trimming: 

  • Improves tree health
  • Allows for more sunlight exposure
  • Helps balance root loss
  • More productive tree growth
  • Reduces the likelihood of damages
  • Enhances the trees’ appearance
  • Increases property value

24/7 Emergency Tree Cutting Services Available

When a tree branch is extending dangerously close over your home, you need quick access to a reliable tree care company. Timber Works Tree Care offers 24/7 emergency tree services for your convenience. Reach out to our tree arborists in Aldie in case you are experiencing an emergency.

Choose Professional Tree Arborists in Aldie

Timber Works takes your satisfaction seriously. As Aldie’s top tree arborists, we can ensure your trees and property are handled with care. We hold our team to the highest standards of professionalism and strive to ensure you receive the best services possible.

If you are experiencing lowering tree branches, overgrowth, and other common signs, call us today at (540) 254-5773 for a free consultation and estimate.

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Here at Timber Works Tree Care, we care about our customers, your trees, and your property. Each job is a chance to show you our great attitudes, strong work ethic, and a desire to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations!

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