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Removing a tree stump from your yard is not only good for it’s health but is also a great way to improve the visual quality of any landscape. (If you need professional help, a stump grinding service can help with this.)

Most people don’t understand the time and huge effort required for stump grinding service, even if they have professional equipment like a stump grinder.

Our Tree Removal crew is also fully trained and experience in performing professional stump removal. Our crew is fully equipped with stump grinders which means that we can clear even the largest stumps.

Whether is be for more personal or practical reasons, stump removal and stump grinding service are an important for improving any yard.

DIY Stump Removal 

Want to try removing a stump yourself?  Here a few methods you can use to get started:


Manual Stump Removal

For small or medium stumps, use axes, chainsaws, and shovels to cut and dig up as much of the stump and surrounding roots as possible.  Then tie the stump to a hitch on a tractor or truck (weighing over 1000lbs.) with ropes or chains to try and remove the stump using horsepower.


Chemical Stump Removal

This method is a slower way of naturally breaking down the stump through the use of nitrogen and water to hasten the natural process of stump rotting.  Drill holes a few inches deep in the stump and filling them with water and nitrogen-high fertilizer.  Soak the surrounding area, cover the stump with a tarp, then with mulch and more water.  Moisture is a key component in the stump rotting process.  Read more here.


Burn Stump with “Stump Out”

“Stump Out” is another powdered chemical stump removal product.   Once spread over the stump, the wood will become more porous and absorbent.  Next pour kerosene oil over the stump and the proceed to light it on fire.  The flame will shrink to a slower burn and will eventually burn away the stump.  Use caution if experimenting with this method.


Rent a Stump Grinder

Renting a stump grinder typically will cost between $100 and $190 per day.  Use a shovel to clear the base of the stump, use a chainsaw to cut the stump down as low as possible, then slowly use the stump grinding machine to cut through to the other side of the stump.  Read more about how to operate a stump grinder.

There is always a hazard when working with power tools and chemicals so be prepared and use caution.

Reasons To Hire A Stump Grinding Service

Stump grinders are heavy can be dangerous and complicated.  Hiring a professional stump grinding service can save you time and energy and maybe even a few fingers.

Grinding a tree stump is also less intrusive to your yard and less of a hassle since you’re not literally uprooting the trees and the surrounding soil and its inhabitants.

Stumps come in so many sizes and varieties that hiring a professional with the experience and the equipment is the cheapest, safest, and most efficient way to improve your yard.

To raise or protect your property value, hiring pros to put their artistic flare and scientific knowledge to work in pruning your prized trees may make sense. -The Spruce

Be aware that a stump grinding service company will charge by the diameter of the stump and others will charge by the hours of labor it will take to remove and grind the stump.

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