Understanding the Signs: When Do You Need Emergency Tree Service?

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Trees are not just aesthetic elements of our landscape; they are active organisms that play a crucial role in our environment. However, when a tree’s health deteriorates, it can pose a serious risk to property and personal safety, necessitating emergency tree services. Recognizing the signs a tree has transformed from a tranquil natural presence into […]

Virginia Tree Diseases/Insects & Arthropod Pests: Weevils

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Healthy trees and lush vegetation can enhance the value and beauty of any property. Yet maintaining a natural landscape comes with responsibilities, as even the sturdiest trees can succumb to disease and infestations. Weevils, in particular, pose a significant threat to plant life and can cause irreversible damage to once-thriving land. Homeowners concerned for their […]

How to Handle the Most Common Tree Diseases, Insects, and Mites in Virginia

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Trees inject singular beauty and value into your landscape while supporting wildlife and other plant species. Yet as with other organisms, trees face the possibility of infections and infestations, some of which are difficult to overcome. Tree ailments—such as oak wilt, anthracnose, black knot fungus, and emerald ash borer infestations—are the most common types in […]

Virginia Insect & Arthropod Pests: Spider Mites

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All of us probably recognize common house spiders. However, property owners should also study their close cousins, the spider mites. Although minute, spider mites can have a disastrous impact on a property and devastate once-healthy plants. So, learn what spider mites are, how to find them, and how to recognize infestations. Then, hire a professional […]

Look Out for These Tree Pests During Late Summer


Tree pests are most active during summer. While many species first infest trees in spring or early summer, their offspring emerge from those trees in late summer. This circumstance, as well as the ease of spotting leaf abnormalities during months when most trees have foliage, has led to August’s title as the annual tree check […]

Virginia Insects & Arthropod Pests: Japanese Beetles

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A common pest found throughout North America, Japanese beetles feed on numerous tree, shrub, and garden plant species. They can damage your plants, bother guests and your loved ones, and ultimately cause destruction. If you notice these pests in your backyard and need assistance, do not hesitate to call a tree service company to get […]

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