What We Can Learn from Tree Law

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If a tree from a neighbor’s property falls into your yard, who’s responsible for its removal? If the branches of a tree rooted in public property hang into your driveway, can you trim them without city approval? These dilemmas and many more are the subject of tree law, a specialized yet thriving branch of legal […]

What Factors Affect Tree Removal Cost?

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A homeowner might wish to have a tree removed for many reasons: the tree’s death endangers their house, it’s invasive and disrupting the local ecosystem, or it clashes with their personal preferences. Yet before hiring a tree removal company, most property owners would like to know the cost. Numerous factors—including tree health, size, equipment, and […]

Virginia Tree Diseases: Fire Blight

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Among the tree diseases that appear in Virginia, fire blight is notorious due to its swift and fatal effects. The disease strikes during the spring and affects dozens of species across many states, robbing infected trees of valuable limbs and leaves. Left untreated, the loss of foliage may be fatal—yet tree care specialists can save […]

Can Bush Hogging Impact Tree Health?

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Routine maintenance and inspection of trees’ habitats are less acknowledged aspects of tree care than pruning and removal, but they are equally essential. Indeed, habitat management practices may impact trees more than trimming or inspection because the latter occur at intervals while habitat is a chronic influence. Therefore, vegetation management and bush hogging services directly […]

Why You Should Have Invasive Trees Removed

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90 invasive tree and plant species have appeared in Virginia, and all threaten the native ecosystems. Whether introduced intentionally or accidentally, invasives—by definition—wreak havoc due to their swift growth, destructive impact on natural habitats, and introduction of foreign pests and diseases. Landowners should educate themselves on the effects of invasive species and contact a certified […]

Virginia Insects & Arthropod Pests: Scale Insects

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The prevalence and illusive nature of scale insects qualify them as a “must-know” among property owners. Indeed, thorough arborists will watch out for scale insects during inspections, as they can devastate trees and plants. Yet learning how to identify scale insects can help you to manage them. You can better recognize when to contact a […]

Why You Should Never Try to Remove a Tree Yourself

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Many homeowners prefer to handle standard maintenance projects themselves because it is easier than hiring a professional service person. Doing so makes sense for simple chores: cleaning a kitchen, changing a lightbulb, mowing a lawn, and so on. However, some tasks—including emergency tree removal—necessitate a professional touch due to their inherent danger, risk of property […]

How to Tell if Your Tree is Dying

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Trees manifest definitive signs when they start to decay and after they die. Based on the tree species that live on your property, these symptoms may include dieback, oozing sap, or even mushroom growth near roots. Nevertheless, a tree care and removal company can help you identify infected trees, provide safe and proper care, and […]

Look Out for These Tree Pests During Late Summer


Tree pests are most active during summer. While many species first infest trees in spring or early summer, their offspring emerge from those trees in late summer. This circumstance, as well as the ease of spotting leaf abnormalities during months when most trees have foliage, has led to August’s title as the annual tree check […]

Virginia Insects & Arthropod Pests: Japanese Beetles

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A common pest found throughout North America, Japanese beetles feed on numerous tree, shrub, and garden plant species. They can damage your plants, bother guests and your loved ones, and ultimately cause destruction. If you notice these pests in your backyard and need assistance, do not hesitate to call a tree service company to get […]