5 Winter Tree Issues

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Although Virginia does not experience harsh winters, it does see cold temperatures, snow, and ice. These elements require trees to enter dormancy for survival. They also endanger saplings because young trees tend to have short, shallow roots. Nevertheless, knowledge of common winter tree issues—including frost heave, salt damage, and winter burn—can help you protect your […]

Benefits of Forestry Mulching in the Winter

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A low-cost solution for clearing overgrown land, forestry mulching is also an organic way to protect and provide nutrients to trees. Yet mulching during the winter, in particular, is more efficient than at other times of the year. Mulching also improves the health of trees during the cold months. So, seek a professional forestry mulching […]

Preparing Your Trees for Cold Weather


As we approach the cooler months, you may be concerned about the trees on your property. Won’t they suffer from the cold? Are there any measures that will protect them? As it turns out, some autumn landscaping practices–including mulching, watering, wrapping, and more–can protect your trees against winter conditions. Reach out to your local tree […]

Estate Clearing

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Compared to other properties, estates require a greater degree of upkeep. Thus, estate property owners need more extensive landscaping and tree care services to ensure their grounds are properly maintained. And in this, the best method is effective land clearing from seasoned professionals such as Timber Works.  Timber Works Tree Care has worked for years […]

Summer Tree Care Tips

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Given proper management and care, your trees can flourish during the summer months. But what practices qualify as such? Trees around Nokesville, VA, benefit most from suitable watering and pruning, mulching, and more. Happily, our professional tree care service offers all of these options.  So, reach out to Timber Works Tree Care. An insured and […]

The Advantages of Mulching Wooded Properties

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Tree mulching is a form of land clearing where a specialized machine grinds away patches of overgrowth, brushes, thickets, and dead/unwanted trees. Hiring a professional from among the top-tier tree mulching companies in Huntly, Virginia, provides several advantages for you and the ecosystem around your home. At Timber Works Tree Care, our experts offer diverse […]

May Tip of The Month: With weathers up and downs in May, watch your Oak trees for Sudden Oak Death. Learn More.