Virginia Insect & Arthropod Pests: Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

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Dead limbs and diminished growth are disconcerting signs for any tree. Should a “woolly” substance also appear on it, property owners might fear the worst for their tree. This combination of symptoms often indicates a hemlock woolly adelgid infestation. Nevertheless, proper identification and personalized tree care can prevent you from ending up with a dying […]

Why Tree Removal is Important and How Timber Works Can Help


A dead, dying, or injured tree poses a significant danger to you and your property. For instance, its trunk or branches can fall and hit a person or structure. Alternatively, a pest infestation can take residence and then jump from the dead tree to healthy ones nearby. However, removing such trees protects people, prevents damage, […]

Virginia Insect & Arthropod Pests: Asian Long-Horned Beetles

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A pernicious pest that feeds on maples and other hardwood trees, Asian Long-Horned Beetles (ALBs) are an invasive species to the US. Their presence threatens several tree varieties, as an ALB infestation can kill a full-grown tree of a species they like. Protecting your property against this pest requires knowledge of its habits and frequent […]

Why Winter Is The Best Time For Tree Pruning

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Tree pruning is a simple yet effective way to maintain trees’ health and appearance. The ideal time to prune most tree species is just before the spring growth cycle. Thus, homeowners across Lake Frederick, VA, are now hiring efficient tree pruning companies to manage the dense forestry on their landscape. At Timber Works, we offer […]

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