Virginia Tree Diseases: Anthracnose

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Of all the tree diseases Virginia property owners should watch out for, anthracnose ranks high. This fungal illness often causes browning, defoliation, dieback, weakness, and even death. Thus, you should check your shade trees regularly for anthracnose. Knowledge about anthracnose and professional tree maintenance services will help keep your trees and property healthy. Timber Works […]

How to Tell if Your Tree is Dying

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Trees manifest definitive signs when they start to decay and after they die. Based on the tree species that live on your property, these symptoms may include dieback, oozing sap, or even mushroom growth near roots. Nevertheless, a tree care and removal company can help you identify infected trees, provide safe and proper care, and […]

Look Out for These Tree Pests During Late Summer


Tree pests are most active during summer. While many species first infest trees in spring or early summer, their offspring emerge from those trees in late summer. This circumstance, as well as the ease of spotting leaf abnormalities during months when most trees have foliage, has led to August’s title as the annual tree check […]

Types of Invasive Plants

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Invasive plant species are appearing more and more throughout Virginia, causing a tremendous number of negative impacts to our environment. Thus, you should look out for and know how to deal with these plants if they appear on your landscape. Specifically, keep in mind a quality forestry mulching service in your area. Its team can […]

May Tip of The Month: With weathers up and downs in May, watch your Oak trees for Sudden Oak Death. Learn More.