Reclaim Your Loudoun County Landscape: How Forestry Mulching Can Transform Storm Damage

Forestry Mulching Loudoun County VA

The East Coast is no stranger to powerful summer storms. In their aftermath, you may feel your once-beautiful landscape is lost beneath downed trees, crushed plants, and littered debris. Yet a powerful and precise tree care service can transform storm devastation into a flourishing landscape: professional forestry mulching from Timber Works Tree Care. Since downed […]

5 Hazards of Overgrown Tree Roots

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Trees display a variety of outward symptoms that indicate a need for removal. Signs such as unnatural leaning, damaged limbs, or trunk, and/or rotted portions is when you call an arborist. But just as one should not judge a book by its cover, remember that more than a tree’s visible parts affect its health. If […]

How To Manage Storm-Damaged Trees

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While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought much of our community to a halt, Mother Nature remains as fiercely active as ever. At the beginning of August, Tropical Storm Isais rolled through Northern Virginia with near-hurricane conditions. It flooded roads, knocked out power, and blew down trees and boughs throughout the region.  If Isais, or another […]

July Tip of The Month: As we enter Summer and trees should be lush with green leaves and growing strongly, watch out for pre-fall coloring. Leaves turning brown early in July could be a sign of sickness and infection, have your trees checked out early to avoid problems with Storms. Learn More.

June Tip of The Month: This Summer we are seeing a spread of Gypsy Moths and Caterpillars everywhere! Learn More.