Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

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Once a tree is removed from your property, its stump not only remains—it also creates a hazard for everyone crossing the space. You can use stump removal or grinding services to neutralize this danger, though each provides different results for your yard. So, reach out to a local stump grinding and removal company to efficiently […]

5 Common Signs of Tree Rot

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Responsible landowners should have some basic tree knowledge, including the symptoms of tree rot. After all, a rotting tree poses a safety hazard to anything near it. If you identify the signs of tree rot early and enlist professional services, you may save that tree, or—at the very least—you can have it removed before it […]

Tree Structure Evaluation

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At any stage of its life, a tree may develop structural issues that—given enough time—could injure or kill it. For this reason, you should have regular tree structure evaluations performed. An arborist can assess root problems, disease and decay, damaged or dead limbs, and cracks that present a threat to the tree’s health. Moreover, a […]

Precision Tree Felling

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‘Precision fells’—better understood as ‘tree felling’—is not an everyday term, but it refers to a common practice in the tree care industry. The process’s use in landscape adjustments, professional equipment requirements, and circumstantial factors justify a detailed explanation. But no matter what, you should seek your dead tree removal provider if you require a precision […]

How Forestry Mulching Helps to Conserve the Environment

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At times, land clearing is necessary to create more usable space or to thin a forested area’s overgrowth. Within the realm of land clearing, forestry mulching is a sustainable technique that provides erosion control, moisture retention, and weed prevention. If you wish for these benefits on your land, hire forestry mulching professionals to deliver high-quality […]

Top 5 Pests That May Harm Your Trees

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Emerald Ash Borers, Hemlock Wooly Adelgid, and Japanese Beetles are just 3 insect species that have damaged tree ecosystems throughout the US and the world. Yet learning the symptoms of their infestations can help conserve our trees and landscapes. If you want to save dying trees on your property, reach out to a professional tree […]

Types of Land Clearing

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Sometimes, portions of a forested property must be cleared to make room for home additions or new structures. However, many kinds of land clearing options exist—each with a different degree of invasiveness and particular purpose. For example, professional forestry mulching is among the least invasive forms of land clearing and removes invasive overgrowth from a […]

Is Forestry Mulching Good for the Environment?

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Forestry mulching is a way of clearing excess underbrush from your land while also benefiting that landscape in numerous ways. Moreover, this simple process can clear out a large area of your landscape in a short period. Nevertheless, to ensure you get the best results, hire a team of expert forestry mulching professionals who have […]

When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

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Trees are a crucial part of our environment, so you must keep an eye on those that live on your property. While trees have been known to live long lifespans, certain circumstances may necessitate their removal, including poor health, invasive species, and structural damage. To prevent these issues and sustain your trees’ lives, call an […]

Why You Should Remove Black Walnut Trees on Your Horse Pasture

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Training and taking care of horses is a tremendous task that requires a great deal of effort and focus. On top of that, one has to make sure the horses are safe from any harmful elements in their environment, such as Black Walnut trees. To ensure the safety of your horses, Timber Works Tree Care […]

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