What Tree Services Does Timber Works Offer?


There are numerous tree services available for you to choose from when you hire Timber Works Tree Care. Throughout our extensive experience in the tree industry, our team has dealt with all forms of residential and commercial tree care and maintenance. Thus, we are not only a top-notch tree cutting service, but also offer an […]

Land Clearing Site Preparation


Land clearing requires a tremendous amount of work. It’s usually one step in large, complex construction projects. Yet such projects require careful work to avoid hindering the construction process. Effective land clearing requires a team of highly experienced contractors.  That’s why Timber Works Tree Care employs professionals with decades of land clearing experience. The same […]

The Advantages of Mulching Wooded Properties

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Tree mulching is a form of land clearing where a specialized machine grinds away patches of overgrowth, brushes, thickets, and dead/unwanted trees. Hiring a professional from among the top-tier tree mulching companies in Huntly, Virginia, provides several advantages for you and the ecosystem around your home. At Timber Works Tree Care, our experts offer diverse […]

Problems with Hiring an Unlicensed Tree Service

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Tree care remains one of the most dangerous industries in the nation. During 2016 alone, arborists reported 153 injuries on the job, 92 of which were fatal. These numbers convey the importance of hiring an insured and licensed tree service, no matter how much work your trees require. Hiring an unlicensed one may yield poor-quality […]

Why Your Trees Need to be Inspected Regularly

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Scheduling professional tree inspections sooner rather than later will help you save more in the long run. By being proactive with tree inspections provided by a certified tree care company in Huntly, Virginia, you can detect tree diseases and decay before they worsen, eliminate safety hazards, identify and fix damages before it is too late.  […]

What Do Tree Service Companies Do?

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When it comes to businesses that work primarily outdoors, the first ones that come to mind are construction and landscaping. While the latter has plenty to do with all kinds of plants, including trees, tree care companies perform a more specific line of services. Their focus is on the health and growth of forests and […]

Why is My Oak Tree Dying from the Top Down?

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An oak tree is a wonderful feature to have as part of your outdoor landscape. However, such large and long-standing trees tend to be vulnerable to a plethora of diseases. Therefore, if you want to protect the health of your oak, as well as the rest of your landscape, you should always keep potential issues […]

Timber Works Tree Care Featured In What Matters Warren

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With winter fading and spring approaching, Beth Waller and Jen Avery from What Matters decided to get some tree care tips from local tree service expert, Jack Donohue of Timber Works Tree Care. Watch the interview featured in What Matters Warren:    Jack is the owner of Timber Works Tree Care, a Virginia Tree Service […]

Building A Tree Service Made To Last

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The success of every business shares common, necessary components. Some of the bedrocks of a thriving company are: quality service, industry expertise, and customer satisfaction. Identifying these similarities between businesses, we decided to do some research focused only on tree service companies and investigated what common factors go into building a tree service made to last.  […]

The Ultimate Spring Tree Service Checklist

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It’s that time of the year again when the air is crisp, everything is covered in snow, the days are short, and diligent homeowners are preparing their spring tree service checklist. It might seem a little too soon for some, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Don’t wait until the snow melts and warm […]

February Tip of The Month: Forestry Mulching is more cost effective in the Winter months because the trees are more brittle and it is easier to see. At a set day rate, try Forestry Mulching this Winter and take advantage of the fast process. Learn More.