Power Line Tree Trimming

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Although many energy companies claim to follow the ANSI A300 Standards, they still mismanage trees and plants near power lines. Yet trimming trees close to power lines is a hazardous task best left to professionals. Rather than attempt it yourself, turn to the tree company experts at Timber Works Tree Care for such services today. […]

When’s the Best Time to Trim Your Trees?

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The best time of year to trim a given tree depends on the tree’s species as well as your goal for the trimming process. Most tree varieties should be trimmed after freezing temperatures have hit but before the first thaw. With winter approaching, you should start identifying your trees’ trimming needs. Contact your local tree […]

Preparing Your Trees for Cold Weather


As we approach the cooler months, you may be concerned about the trees on your property. Won’t they suffer from the cold? Are there any measures that will protect them? As it turns out, some autumn landscaping practices–including mulching, watering, wrapping, and more–can protect your trees against winter conditions. Reach out to your local tree […]

Summer Tree Care Tips

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Given proper management and care, your trees can flourish during the summer months. But what practices qualify as such? Trees around Nokesville, VA, benefit most from suitable watering and pruning, mulching, and more. Happily, our professional tree care service offers all of these options.  So, reach out to Timber Works Tree Care. An insured and […]

What To Do With Overgrown Trees

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Homeowners that closely tend their landscapes will always ensure their trees and plants have plenty of space to grow and take root, but there are often times when you’ll notice one or more of your trees over-growing. Signs of overgrowth include a large and messy crown, cracks formed in the sidewalk near your home, or […]

What Is Tree Crown Reduction?

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If you aren’t a professional landscaper you might be asking, “what is tree crown reduction” and what does it do? Tree crown reduction is a way of selectively removing live branches of a tree to reduce the spread or the height of the tree’s crown. It involves using something called a drop-crotch running technique to […]

Best Time of Year to Trim Trees?

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What is the best time of year to trim your trees?   Does it really matter when you do it, as long as they are trimmed when necessary? Is there really a best time of year to trim trees? The answer, really, is that it depends on the type of tree or bush you are […]

Tree Trimming And Pruning Tips

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Do you need to prune that tree in your front yard? Periodic tree trimming and pruning helps your trees look their best, keeps them healthy, and prevents them from posing a safety hazard to others.    Three Reasons You Should Trim or Prune Your Trees   1) Safety Safety is perhaps the most important reason […]

May Tip of The Month: With weathers up and downs in May, watch your Oak trees for Sudden Oak Death. Learn More.