When Is Tree Removal Necessary?

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Trees are a crucial part of our environment, so you must keep an eye on those that live on your property. While trees have been known to live long lifespans, certain circumstances may necessitate their removal, including poor health, invasive species, and structural damage. To prevent these issues and sustain your trees’ lives, call an […]

What Tree Services Does Timber Works Offer?


There are numerous tree services available for you to choose from when you hire Timber Works Tree Care. Throughout our extensive experience in the tree industry, our team has dealt with all forms of residential and commercial tree care and maintenance. Thus, we are not only a top-notch tree cutting service, but also offer an […]

Land Clearing Site Preparation


Land clearing requires a tremendous amount of work. It’s usually one step in large, complex construction projects. Yet such projects require careful work to avoid hindering the construction process. Effective land clearing requires a team of highly experienced contractors.  That’s why Timber Works Tree Care employs professionals with decades of land clearing experience. The same […]

What Do Tree Service Companies Do?

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When it comes to businesses that work primarily outdoors, the first ones that come to mind are construction and landscaping. While the latter has plenty to do with all kinds of plants, including trees, tree care companies perform a more specific line of services. Their focus is on the health and growth of forests and […]

Why Work With An Insured Tree Service?

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When it comes to hiring a local tree service, most business owners and residents forget to consider those who have Workers’ Compensation. Working in the tree industry is considerably one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, so selecting a company that offers this is crucial. Hiring an insured tree service company means you […]

Different Types of Tree Root Decay

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Timber Works Tree Care, we provide customers with free inspections to determine the risk a decaying tree may pose, and if removal is necessary. We are a licensed tree service that offers tree maintenance, removal, and land clearing to homeowners and businesses throughout the Middleburg, VA area.

Top Tree Service Blogs

Top Tree Service Blogs

Looking for the top tree service blogs or best tree service websites? Take a look at this list of ten of the top tree service blogs and start reading!

Tips From A Stump Grinding Service

Stump Grinding Service

Have a stump that needs removing? While there are ways to remove a stump by yourself, a stump grinding service can make that job easier and save you tons of time and labor.