How to Choose the Right Tree for Your Property


Trees can function as breathtaking additions to almost any property. They make a home appear well-established while providing beauty, shade, and privacy. Indeed, a specific tree species or type may help you to fill out your landscape. Pick an appropriate location and environment, then choose a native or non-native tree that suits your outdoor aesthetic. […]

Save Energy with Fast-Growing Shade Trees in Northern VA

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A growing trend among homeowners is trying to find ways to make their homes more sustainable and energy-efficient. One of the newest ways is by modifying their landscape, particularly in making smart use of tree type and placement. We at Timber Works Tree Care know the importance trees have to the safety and integrity of […]

Master List of Fast-Growing Trees in Virginia

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Wondering whether the types of trees you’re planting will grow fast? Want to just learn more about fast-growing trees in your area? Either way, this Master List of Fast-Growing Trees in Virginia is for you.