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Trees are magnificent features in any yard—what with their beauty, the wildlife they attract, and the refreshing aromas they produce—unless they grow uncontrollably or awkwardly. Overgrown trees can damage property, cause car accidents, crack sidewalks and home foundations, and even damage power lines—all of which threaten your yard, well-being, and the neighborhood’s safety. So, hire a professional tree trimming service to care for your trees and avoid damage and unnecessary expenses.

Timber Works Tree Care offers just such options. Front Royal, VA, residents can count on us for services ranging from tree removal to land clearing. Our team understands the value and importance of owning and using property, so we offer comprehensive maintenance services that aim to satisfy customers. To learn more about our tree trimming services, call (540) 692-9606 today!

Below, we discuss the dangers that overgrown trees present:

They Can Damage Property

Although heavy storms threaten all trees, they present a distinct danger to overgrown ones. Trees with disproportionate limbs or uneven weight distribution may catch gusts or gather precipitation in unusual ways, resulting in heavy branch fall or total tree collapse. If a fall causes property damage, the owner may be responsible for fines, traumatic experiences, and expensive home renovations. Coupled with proximity to your home, overgrown trees and storms can wreak havoc on you and your loved ones.

In addition to the hazards it presents to your home, an overgrown tree can threaten a neighbor’s property. If trees on your property damage a neighbor’s home, you could face a lawsuit. Contact your local tree trimming service to tame overgrown trees and protect your loved ones and home from damage.

Their Branches Can Cause Collisions and Injuries

Overgrown, low-hanging branches can be deadly if they reach a street or nearby structure because it turns them into falling hazards. Those long enough to stretch over fences and cross pedestrian walkways threaten pedestrians and bicycle riders. Even if they never cause an accident, overgrown branches that scrape passers-by or cars are a nuisance.

Overgrown branches can also reach power lines, which creates significant fire hazards.  Ensure you have a professional arborist trim or remove trees standing near power lines, as they will have the equipment to handle the job safely.

Dead or Decaying Branches Put People at Risk

Tree Trimming Service Front Royal VA

Overgrown trees can also be difficult to monitor because their canopies become dense and tangled. This and similar scenarios allow dead branches to accumulate or become heavy and threaten cars, patio furniture, pets, and children. If branches start to wither from disease or rot, you must catch the earliest signs to save the tree. Thus, trimming can protect your tree’s life in the long run.

Tree trimming can catch and remove dangerous branches long before they break or threaten to fall on your property. Trimming your trees also benefits the environment by reducing competition for resources, improving animal habitats, and improving tree health. 

Discover Expert Tree Trimming Services in Front Royal, VA!

Regular maintenance of your trees benefits your and your family’s safety as well as your surrounding neighbors. Healthy, well-trimmed trees are beautiful and deserve routine care to reach their full potential. At Timber Works Tree Care, we provide the best local tree trimming services and more for Front Royal, VA, residents.  For a free estimate on your tree maintenance, contact us at (540) 692-9606 or visit our website for more information.

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