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Have you ever seen, or heard of, a tree limb falling onto a car or even a person? If you have, then you know how scary it is to be walking outside and fear that at any moment a tree limb might snap above your head. While Virginia is known for having an abundance of beautiful trees, many of them are not properly managed or taken care of often. While it is ultimately a homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the health of their trees, working with a professional arborist is highly recommended to ensure one’s safety and that the trees are receiving the necessary care they need. At Timber Works Tree Care, we employ arboreal experts with in-depth knowledge from years of experience in the tree care industry. We provide land clearing, stump grinding, and reliable tree removal services, dedicating ourselves to giving customers the safest, friendliest, and most affordable service in Northern Virginia. 

Benefits To Routine Tree-Trimming

Safety and health are the two most important things to take into consideration when it comes to pruning. You want to ensure that there are no dying or brittle branches that can snap and endanger loved ones, homes, or parked cars. Here are some ways that regular tree-trimming keeps your property safe and your landscape healthy: 

  1. Tree trimming helps with the tree’s appearance, and it prevents the tree limbs from becoming tangled and weak. 
  2. Removing the dead, dying limbs helps prevent pests and diseases from spreading to various parts of the tree. 
  3. Your tree becomes healthier when it has more space to spread its branches out. 
  4. Trimming increases sun exposure around your house. It can open up your property and view. 
  5. Your tree’s branches eventually split and tear if it is not trimmed regularly. This could result in losing the tree altogether. 
  6. It helps to maintain the tree’s natural form so your tree grows naturally.  

When is the Best Time to Trim Your Trees? 

If your tree is dying, then it is best to remove the dead branches as soon as possible. Winter is the ideal time to trim because you don’t have to worry about removing any growths or buds. Cutting off those branches can promote growth in the springtime. It is best to do it after the coldest part of the season has passed. During late December to early February are ideal months to make the cut. 

One of the easiest ways to remember when to prune is right before the change of seasons, which is immediately after summer or fall. A tree’s natural regrowth cycle occurs every three to five years, but it is important to understand which trees require more trims than others. Hiring a professional is always recommended. 

A good and experienced tree company will be able to use special tools when cutting so that your affected area does not rot. The very act of pruning the tree can either harm or heal it, so you do want to be careful. If you would like guidance, our team of experts at Timber Works Tree Care can guide you on how to trim and manage all of your trees. 

Timber Works Tree Care in Northern VA: Fast and Safe Tree Removal Services

Weak limbs can lead to serious issues with your trees if left unattended, which is why it is important that you know the signs and solutions for their appearance in your landscape. At Timber Works Tree Care, we want to ensure the health of your landscape and the safety of your property by providing our knowledge and experience in tree care that we have built over a decade of service. We offer land clearing, stump grinding, and efficient tree removal services, performing them as safely and effectively as possible using the latest equipment, all to ensure that our work leaves you satisfied and your landscape improved. Contact us at (540) 692-9606 to learn more about our services and to schedule a consultation. 

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