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HOAs and developers plant trees in residential neighborhoods for many reasons, including practical (shade and stormwater absorption) and aesthetic benefits (the tree’s beauty). However, some neighborhood organizers go too far in their early years: they plant saplings close to one another and houses without considering how they will grow. This practice causes problems with overgrown trees, including the deterioration of home foundations and driveways. 

Nevertheless, they can turn to Timber Works Tree Care for help. An outstanding tree care company, Timber Works’ experts provide exceptional services for residential and commercial landowners. Moreover, all team members receive Workers’ Comp coverage and liability insurance to protect them and our customers’ well-being. Visit our website or call (540) 692-9606 for a free tree care project estimate.

Below, we describe the dangers that overgrown trees cause in residential areas:

Root Systems Damage the House

Overgrown Trees Northern VA

Planting a small tree close to a house virtually guarantees a headache in your future. As the tree grows and its roots reach outward, they can extend into cracks in a home’s foundations and cause instability. Signs of unstable foundations include cracks in their floors, vertical cracks in their foundation’s walls, uneven door and window frames, and buckling in the floor’s surface.

Root growth endangers more than just your foundations; plumbing, driveways, and sidewalks can also suffer from a growing tree’s roots. For instance, roots can crack a sewer line and inhibit your indoor plumbing’s efficacy, leading to expensive repair costs. Eventually, overgrown trees may need removal before their root systems wreak havoc.

Limbs and Pests

Overgrown Trees Northern VA

Planting trees close to homes can also lead to issues from above. As the trees grow to roof height and beyond, they will brush against a house and damage the siding, windows, and roof. Trimming can solve this problem for a time, but it is a temporary fix if the tree grows near the house. Without consistent pruning, tree branches become overgrown and harmful. 

As the tree continues to grow, its danger to your property increases. The branches will become heavier and may collide with your house during a storm. Indeed, an excessively overgrown tree could collapse altogether. Furthermore, animals can migrate across the overgrown tree limbs to your roof and siding, making homes where you don’t want them.

Timber Works Tree Care: Expert Local Tree Care Northern VA

Overgrown Trees Northern VA

Overgrown trees can make your property appear unkempt and somewhat disheveled. Yet with basic tree care services—such as pruning—and simple tree removal from your yard, you can protect your home’s infrastructure and maintain a handsome landscape. Timber Works provides the best local tree care services in Northern Virginia due to our emphasis on utilizing tools and techniques that keep your home safe and intact. Our near-decade of service includes experience in stump grinding, tree removal, land clearing, and more. Call (540) 692-9606 for more information about our services and receive a free consultation.

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