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The winter season and its ensuing snowstorms can be hard for any homeowner with a front yard or backyard. However, it is the best time of year to get rid of the trees you’ve been planning to remove, as their bare limbs make them easier to cut down. Timber Works can help you remove any unwanted or diseased tree through our expert tree removal. Our company consists of a team of experts in reliable emergency tree services, efficient land clearing, and quick stump removal for residents and businesses throughout Northern Virginia. Together, we can assure the health of your landscape and the safety of your home from potentially diseased trees, and make sure it blooms beautifully in the coming spring. Here are some tips for removing trees on your property this winter:

Chainsaw Maintenance

Not only do you have to prepare yourself for the cold weather, but also your tools must be properly maintained and used as well. One piece of advice is to switch the shutter on your chainsaw to “winter” so that the preheating system activates. Keep the cooling air intake clear from any debris to prevent the engine from overheating. Making sure that these extra steps of maintenance are done will allow for smooth performance and reduce the likelihood of any potential incidents from occurring.

Be Aware of the Weather

With the cold weather already here, you must be very careful whenever you go out. Cutting down trees can cause a significant amount of strain on your body, and along with the frigid weather, it can lead you to have a cold or other related illness. On top of that, be aware of any areas that might be covered with ice, as it can be hazardous and cause potential injuries. It can also make it hard for you to get good traction as you travel and work throughout your yard.

Protect Yourself

Protecting yourself during tree removal is a must, especially when you are out in the cold. Wearing protective gear like gloves, a hard hat, goggles, and some form of hearing protection is advised. These are essential since the trees you are working with are likely to splinter and break off into heavy limbs that could potentially cause injuries if not handled properly. Wearing these simple pieces of safety equipment will allow you to focus on the work ahead of you without fear or worry of irritating splinters or painful injuries. If you don’t have the necessary equipment and knowledge to safely remove a tree from your yard, then consider hiring a trained and certified tree removal expert to assist you.

Hire A Professional

Though you may want to do it yourself, removing a tree in your yard during the winter can be a challenging feat. There are many risks you can encounter if it is not done properly. No matter what time of year it is, our crew at Timber Works Tree Care can help you make sure that the tree you want out of your yard is removed safely and efficiently.

Timber Works Tree Care: Rely on Trustworthy Emergency Tree Services in Northern Virginia

Let Timber Works take care of your landscape’s tree issues for this year. Our highly experienced crew can safely and easily handle the removal of any tree, whether it is cracked, diseased, or dead. We have numerous responsive emergency tree services, including cutting down dangerous loose limbs or entire trees, as well as land-clearing and stump grinding for properties throughout Northern Virginia. We have worked with many residential and commercial clients clearing up and protecting their landscapes through our expert removal and clearing services. Contact us at (540) 317-1705 for a free consultation and estimate.


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