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Tree Clearing

Tree Clearing at Timber Works
Tree Clearing in Virginia

What Is Tree Clearing?

Tree clearing involves the removal of all flora, particularly trees, from a piece of land. Thus, it’s similar to a land clearing service. The process requires clearing away entire trees, including their stumps and roots, as well as surrounding brush and brambles.

This process requires heavy machinery, particularly instruments that can remove trees 6-8 inches in diameter from the ground. Any trees larger than that may require traditional felling. Additionally, we use a stump grinder to break up stumps and remove deep roots.

Tree clearing differs from forestry mulching in that the former will remove trees and debris from the worksite. Property owners call for the latter when they want to use the debris as a ground cover.

When Is Tree Clearing Necessary?

Property owners seek tree clearing when the land they want to clear is heavily wooded, making individual tree removal inefficient. Often, they seek tree clearing for construction site preparation so they may install housing or commercial buildings. Alternatively, it can create a clearing in the woods for fields or pasture land.

Effective land clearing can transform once-impractical and unproductive land into valuable real estate. Whether you need space for business, agriculture, or aesthetic purposes, tree clearing offers an efficient means for accessing more of your property.

Land clearing techniques also help with defining property lines. Developers and residential land owners may use tree clearing to delineate property boundaries on parcels of land where forestry sweeps across property lines. You can also clear trees for fence line creation.

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Tree Clearing?

Tree clearing can improve your property’s environmental health. Specifically, it removes decayed trees that can spread rot through soil and fungus microbiome networks. Likewise, tree clearing can prevent pest infestations and tree diseases from spreading.

This service can also remove overgrown trees whose root systems overwhelm a forested area or invasive trees and bush species that inhibit the growth of desirable plants. After root networks disappear from a stretch of land, soil can regenerate and support new life with native species. Conservationists may also use tree clearing for environmental improvements and native animal refuges.

Tree Clearing in Virginia

What Are the Functional Benefits of Tree Clearing?

Tree clearing promotes safety by reducing the risk of forest fires. During tree clearing, service providers remove deadwood, its dryness lending to its flammability. Moreover, fire spreads quickly through forested areas where trees stand close together.

Tree clearing also works for trail creation. Forest trails operate as navigational paths for ATVs, hunters and fishers, and anyone moving about a large property. They allow individuals to enjoy nature without compromising it. 

Finally, Timber Works’ professional team offers the option of removing felled trees from a property. Our heavy equipment helps us round out the service by clearing away the final pieces of trees.

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