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Timber Works: Professional Tree Company in Aldie

Hardworking, experienced professionals well-versed in tree care.

Here at Timber Works Tree Care, we care about our customers, their trees, and their property. To us, each job is a chance to show you our great attitude, strong work ethic, and desire to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations!

We treat every client and co-worker with respect and professionalism.

Tree Care Company in Aldie with Workers’ Comp and Liability Insured Tree Care

We are a tree company that has Workers’ Comp and is Liability Insured. When you hire our tree company in Aldie, you receive a tree service that completely protects you in case of any of any unforeseen property damage or accidents.

Learn more about why workers’ comp is important when hiring a tree service company.

What We Believe about Tree Care

Countless Tree Services claim to offer the ‘lowest price’, provide ‘same day’ service, and other phrases that appeal to property owners. At Timber Works Tree Care, we believe in three key phases of tree care. Education, Execution, and the Finished Product

Tree care is one of the most dangerous industries in the world, claiming many lives on a daily basis. For the sake of our clients, we are dedicated to nothing short of excellence in every aspect of our work.

We are continually educating ourselves on industry standards to give our customers the best value. Being on the cutting edge of our industry also allows us to help you make the best decision for your safety, as well as your budget.

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and gear so as to execute projects with pin-point accuracy, safety, and efficiency. From start to finish our number one goal is your satisfaction.

Meet Jack Donohue

Jack Donohue is the owner of Timber Works Tree Care. He was born in New Hampshire and was a member of the New Hampshire Maple Producers Association.

He worked in the maple syrup industry for 10 years and won 2 Walter A. Felker Memorial Awards for excellence in the maple production industry. Jack moved to Front Royal, VA in 2007 and earned his Bachelors in History from Christendom College.

He resides in Front Royal with his wife, Lauren, and their three children, James, Bridget, and Annie. Jack is currently studying for his Arborist Certification from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Our top 4 promises:

1. Our tree care company only recruits and retains hard working individuals who want to excel in tree care and who will make taking care of you and your property their top priority.

2. We give everyone in the company an opportunity to make a fair wage based on their skill set. This means everyone will be motivated to excel, learn more, and seek ways to improve the care they provide you. We want everyone to succeed and enjoy doing their best for themselves and their customers.

3. We provide the necessary tools and equipment to perform work safely and with expert precision. Nothing damages time, projects and trust like badly-maintained equipment. Paying attention to our equipment, and investing in good tools, ensures safer work environments, effective response times, and the top-notch performance you expect.

4. We also provide a challenging and enjoyable work environment for everyone in the company. We believe that a toxic company culture never produces great results. By working with people who love doing what they do, we each become more deeply motivated to bring you and your trees the best care possible.

Here’s what you can expect our tree care company in Aldie:

  • We all wear hardhats on every job.
  • We show up for work on time.
  • There is absolutely no use of drugs, marijuana, or non-prescribed prescription medication.
  • Clean and professional language and demeanor on all jobs.
  • We keep all trucks and equipment clean and serviced daily.
  • Daily communication of work completed, damage done, follow-up, payment, etc.
  • Positive attitude, honesty, and strong work ethic.

How Timber Works Tree Care began:

Our passion for working with trees began over 15 years ago as young men in New Hampshire working in the maple syrup industry.

Our appreciation for tree care grew as we managed the maple trees and maintained the forest around them, allowing us to enjoy huge returns of sap during harvest season.

Timber Works Tree Care was started to promote and offer correct arboricultural practices.

Even though the tree care industry is saturated with companies, only the best set themselves apart through having a good reputation as both knowledgeable and passionate professionals.

Timber Works Tree Care’s mission is to provide the best service possible for your budget and your property!

We have worked hard to develop a sound reputation by caring for your trees, property, peace of mind, and budget. From our small beginnings, we have developed into a full service tree company, as well as one of the highest rated in Shenandoah Valley and Northern VA.

Timber Works Tree Care is also a proud member of The International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association.

We hope that you enjoy our approach to your tree care.

And if we did exceed your expectations, we’d love to hear about it!
About Us

Here at Timber Works Tree Care, we care about our customers, your trees, and your property. Each job is a chance to show you our great attitudes, strong work ethic, and a desire to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations!

We treat every client and co-worker with respect and professionalism

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