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Tree Decay

Most trees will show signs when they are dying or already dead. For some trees, this may look like the trees losing all their leaves, their roots may be decaying, or for others, it may appear as browning or brittleness of the leaves. However, signs of decay will vary depending on the type of tree. Click here to learn how you can spot decay in your trees’ roots or trunk.

tree fungus decay

While additional signs will consist of the following below, reach out to our team so we can help you determine the tree’s current condition.

  • Color-changing leaves or needles
  • Loss of bark
  • Fungus growth
  • Bark with excessive holes in it from wood-boring insects
  • Brittle leaves or bark
  • Slimy roots & much more

To learn more about the various signs a tree will show when they’re diseased or dying, view Arbor Day Foundation’s Current Tree Health Issues for more information.

Other Types of Tree Decay:

  • Tree Root Decay
  • Rotten Tree
  • Tree Root Rot
  • Tree Rotting at Base
  • Black Rot on Trees
  • Rotten Tree Trunk
  • Bark Rot


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